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  • Seed Pendant Necklace in Recycled Gold
  • Balance Concave Diamond Ring
  • Ideal Twig Bridal Ring Set

Recent Articles

What is Filigree?
November 16, 2015
Filigree is an ancient metal working technique that spans millennia and world cultures..... created by twisting, curling or plaiting fine and pliable precious metal wires into an intricate design.
November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine
November 12, 2015
From ancient days to the present, both topaz and citrine have been credited with long lists of healing properties. Not to mention, their glowing colors serve as a perfect accent to any fall color palette!
Goldsmith Fables in Buddhism
November 05, 2015
Of the precious metals, gold is accompanied by arguably the richest collection of fables and legends that span eras and world cultures.
Witch’s Heart Jewelry and Other Antique Heart Jewels
October 29, 2015

...sometimes adapted into a mourning piece and would feature any combination of a lock of hair from the deceased loved one, a ceramic cameo, the figure of an urn, or seed pearls to represent tears.