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  • Balance Concave Diamond Ring
  • Ideal Twig Bridal Ring Set

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Should You Store Your Jewelry in a Safe-Deposit Box?
June 30, 2016

For those rarely-worn heirloom jewels, a safe-deposit box at the bank is likely your safest, most practical storage option. This article discusses important things to consider before finalizing your jewelry storage plan.   Safe-Deposit Box Basics A safe-deposit box is...

What Is Art Deco Jewelry?
June 23, 2016
Art Deco is characterized by a flamboyant playfulness. Using precise lines, sharp angles, basic shapes (like triangles, circles, rectangles, squares, and other polygons), zigzags, sunbursts, geometric themes, and bold, contrasting colors, art deco reflects the swell of industrialization in the early 20th century.
Tips for Redesigning an Engagement Ring
June 18, 2016

 Reimaged engagement ring. Our personal tastes change as we evolve and encounter new experiences. The thing you once loved in your twenties may no longer hold the same allure for you in your thirties or forties. A style that inspired...

What Are the Different Kinds of Pearls?
June 09, 2016
Pearls are adored for their unique qualities and prized for the way they tend to ooze class as sophistication.