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Recent Articles

What Are Cameos & How Are They Made?
June 25, 2015
cameo broochHand-carved cameos are guaranteed to be unique since no shell or piece of agate is alike. The artist determines the best place to feature the carving by studying the layers and threads of color in the raw material. The design is outlined in pencil, carefully carved, and then polished. Since the process requires immense control and skill, cameos artists who follow traditional techniques are few and far between.
Precious Minerals in Beauty Products: Diamond Anti-Agers
June 18, 2015
Although this may seem a little strange and over-the-top, it turns out that diamond particles have been used to treat certain cancers. After absorbing chemotherapy drugs, the particles are used to deliver the medication to the right area of the body while protecting the medication from the body’s defense system. Moreover, the particles help the treatment stay in the cancerous cells for longer, rendering it more effective. 

The Bow Tie Effect in Oval Diamonds
June 11, 2015
bow tie effect in diamondsSimply put, a bow tie in an oval diamond looks like a man’s dark bow tie sitting in the center of the stone. It occurs when center facets of the stones obscure light reflection. These black patches in an oval stone aren’t all bad, however. Some bow tie effect will be present in any fancy-cut stone, but the severity of the bow tie is determined but the stone’s cut.
Why Do Diamonds Come in Different Colors?
June 04, 2015
yellow diamondColored diamonds can occur naturally, but they can also be the result of lab irradiation (i.e. cooking the stones). If you’re in the market for a colored diamond, it’s important to know the difference between the two since the source of the stone’s color may affect its value.