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Trend Watch: Animal-Inspired Jewelry
April 16, 2015
The Spring 2015 fashion forecast shows a high chance of clever whimsy in just about all the ways you can imagine. We’re particularly tickled by the playful, animal-inspired pieces appearing in both haute couture and street style.
The Ideal Length-to-Width Ratio for Pear Cut Stones
April 09, 2015
Pears are one of the trickiest cuts to shop for because it can prove challenging to find one with the right length-to-width ratio.
Gemstones in the Bible
April 02, 2015
The breast piece was part of a collection of adornments commissioned by God to signify the dignity of Aaron, a Jewish priest noted for his love of peace.
The Sentimental Value of Jewelry
March 29, 2015
Among the ways I entertained myself at my grandmother’s home was spending hours in her bedroom trying on and organizing her large boxes of costume jewelry. Most of it was fairly gaudy, and all of it was too big for my small frame—but I loved it nonetheless.