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Recent Articles

Best Tips for Sustainable Shopping
February 26, 2015

As greater awareness surrounds greener living, it becomes easier for the average consumer to participate in the movement and make small—but important—changes in the way she shops.

Below are a few widely applicable tips to help guide your eco-focused shopping.

Legend of the Hope Diamond
February 18, 2015

The idea that such a beautiful stone could spur ghastly misfortune is darkly fascinating. While skeptics may scoff at belief in such supernatural stories, it’s hard to deny that the events surrounding the Hope Diamond curse are intriguing for anyone who loves a good story.
The Origin of the Heart Symbol
February 12, 2015
Many have posited theories about why the heart symbol is shaped like it is. After all, it doesn’treally look like the actual organ. While no one can be completely sure, there are some interesting ideas out there. Some say that the heart was inspired by the curves of the female body. 
10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
February 06, 2015

Need a little V-Day inspiration? We’ve got plenty of romantic ideas to share. From tips to dining in style to modern takes on classic gifts, there’s a little something for every couple. Not part of a couple? Not to worry. These gifts can be adapted to suit your best friends—or just you! There’s nothing wrong with picking out some beautiful flowers for yourself.