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Recent Articles

DIY Fall-Inspired Thanksgiving Decor
November 17, 2014
Embrace the late autumn season with these hearth-and heart-warming, fall-inspired DIY Thanksgiving decorations. Whether you tackle these crafts alone (as a splendid way to relax and unwind) or with family and friends (warm cider for all!), your DIY handiwork will add a little something extra to your holiday get-togethers.
Jewelry Semantics: Why Jewelry Can't Be Advertised As Made in America
November 10, 2014
For a company to legally label their products “Made in the USA,” the process can be a bit complicated, however. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a marketer may only label its product as such if it can “substantiate that all components of a product—including natural resources—originated in the U.S.” (MJSA).
Legends of Cursed Jewelry
October 28, 2014

Hindu priests placed a curse on the stone—and anyone who managed to get their hands on it. The first supposed victim of this curse was Jean BaptisteTavernier, who, if the rumors are correct, died of a violent fever shortly after stealing the stone. His body was then ravaged by wolves.

Macabre Jewelry: Modern Poison Rings by Wendy Brandes
October 25, 2014
Poison rings open like a locket, and deadly powders could be stored under a bezel setting 
or in the bezel setting itself. This macabre accessory was used to sneak poison into an enemy’s food or drink—or, in the event of capture or torture, the wearer could kill herself with the contents of her ring.