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Recent Articles

How Do Diamonds Get Recycled?
July 11, 2019

Eleven Wishes Diamond Bands Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry is committed to using fine recycled materials when possible and when it is requested. Per this commitment, Barbara Michelle Jacobs is happy to work with preowned and vintage stones, including recycled diamonds....

The Fascinating History of Antique Jewish “House” Wedding Rings
June 18, 2019

These beautiful Jewish wedding rings featuring a “house” motif are steeped in centuries-old tradition, and although that tradition is poignantly shadowed by mass tragedy, these unique pieces ultimately symbolize love, union, and community. The “houses” adorning these rings are actually...

Montana: The Sapphire State
May 09, 2019

More gem-quality sapphires are produced in Montana than any state in the United States. Montana sapphires (or corundums) come in a variety of colors (although rubies are rare). The first sapphire found in the U.S. was found along the Missouri...

How to Use a Jeweler’s Loupe
April 11, 2019

If you’re interested in repairing jewelry, becoming a jeweler, or collecting antique jewelry, you’ll need to have a jeweler’s loupe in your arsenal. The following are a few tips for choosing the right jeweler’s loupe for your needs—and then putting...