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Recent Articles

From the Studio: Rutilated Quartz Earrings & Quartz Necklace
December 07, 2017

Rutilated quartz is a transparent variety of quartz with naturally occurring thread-like pigmentation called rutile inclusions. The inclusions range from thin to thick and sparse to dense and can run parallel or crisscrossed. The inclusions are usually reddish, gold, black,...

7 Pieces of Iconic Jewelry from Classic Film
November 09, 2017

Old (and New) Hollywood is an endless source of fashion inspiration--especially when it comes to jewelry and gemstones. The following are just a few classic movies featuring timeless pieces. Enjoy this feast for the eyes!  Vivien Leigh’s Cameo Brooch in...

5 Creators of Stunning Sculptural Jewelry
October 12, 2017

While all jewelry is art, sculptural jewelry is a special kind of art. It’s jewelry that thinks outside of the box—and indeed sometimes has trouble fitting into an actual box. Some sculptural jewelry is designed to be worn, boldly, while...

Trend Watch: Asymmetry in Jewelry
September 14, 2017

You've probably noticed asymmetrical jewelry lately. Whether it’s in the form of “mismatched” earrings or modern, amorphous clusters of stones, this trend combines a youthful spirit of creativity with contemporary elegance. The following pieces are all about individuality and breaking the...