How to Stop “Ring Spin” When Your Ring Is Too Big

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  How to Stop “Ring Spin” When Your Ring Is Too Big | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blog

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Ordered the perfect ring, but it’s a bit too big? Try this cheap, reversible, and simple way to make your ring fit more comfortably.

Purchasing a ring that’s slightly too big is a common problem. Often, this situation is made more complicated when the ring in question is a custom-made engagement ring or wedding band that cannot be exchanged. Permanent methods of ring resizing, like stretching rings, may not be feasible for an eternity band or a ring with custom engraving.

Fortunately, when crafty blogger Natasha of The Artisan Life discovered that ring snuggies, the clear bands placed around rings to make them fit more snuggly, can be uncomfortable and unattractive, she discovered her own brilliant way to safely and temporarily resize her wedding rings.

The following DIY ring resizing technique is adapted from Natasha’s tutorial.

How to Stop “Ring Spin” When Your Ring Is Too Big | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blog

Food-grade silicone adhesive.

You’ll need:

  • Clear, food-grade or aquarium-grade silicone adhesive (like this stuff). Silicone adhesive is clear-drying (when you buy the clear formula, of course!). Because precious metal is non-porous, the silicone won’t damage the ring. It will simply sit on top of the metal and can be peeled away with your fingernail at any point.
  • Coffee stirrer stick or super-small, synthetic brush
  • Paper towel
  • Your ring  :)

What to do:

  1. Clean and dry your ring.
  2. Using the coffee stirrer or brush, carefully apply a thin layer of silicone on the inside of the ring along the area opposite of where the stone sits (if your ring has a stone). Smooth the silicone with the coffee stirrer, and clean off any excess with a paper towel.
  3. Allow the silicone to cure for at least 24-28 hours or according to package instructions. Allowing the silicone to cure properly will ensure that it adheres to the metal for days on end, so resist the urge to wear your ring before the silicone has completely dried clear. The silicone may shrink as it cures, so you may need to apply an additional layer.

As Natasha explains, the silicone layer won’t wear off when you wash your hands or remove your ring. After about a month, however, it may start to look grubby or begin peeling up at the edges, but you can simply peel it off a apply a fresh layer.

Have you tried any clever ways to DIY resize your ring? Let us know in the comments below.
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