Garland Band

Looking every bit as stately as a Grecian wreath worn by Etruscan rulers or decorative garland details on ancient columns, this ring has a great story.  It was created from a direct casting of local vegetation found in Central Park.  The indigenous plant, known as the Broadleaf Plantain (aka Plantago Major) are those blots on our landscape we refer to as weeds.   - I know, it’s crazy!  They're beautiful, and what an awesome story to share.  Try stacking them in different directions or alternating with diamond bands. SO comfortable and elegant!

Style Name: Garland Band  #0024
18 karat

yellow  white or rose

polished or satin

4.25 mm
Lead Time:
4 weeks

4.5 - 12 (sizes 10 and up + 75.00)

This listing is for One Garland Band.

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