Barbara Polinsky
Owner/Design Director
Barbara Michelle Jacobs Fine Jewelry

Truth and beauty naturally meet and intersect everyday, everywhere—and it is from this powerful intersection that I draw my inspiration for my jewelry collections. Whether naturally occurring or as a direct result of human intervention in design or construction, Treasured jewelry is more than pretty. It has a story.


My jewelry tells a story about acceptance and transformation through recycled precious metals and natural gems, which come together for an organic, effortless look. Drawing inspiration from nature’s own creative process as well as the soft curves of our bodies, we handcraft each piece in New York City from carefully chosen metals and gems.


Adapted from local foliage found in and near Central Park, From Nature is a refined assortment created from direct castings of twigs, branches, and seeds. These natural elements are the structural framework of this elegant grouping, which includes engagement and wedding rings.


The Beauty in Imperfection collection is unusual in that it is influenced by the idea of weaknesses and obstacles that ultimately give us strength. The unique marks and blemishes give the jewelry depth and character. Each piece has its own story, and no two are alike. Just like us. Once complete, each piece is finished with at least one small diamond as a reminder that life’s most precious gifts are not always in plain sight and should nonetheless be cherished.


Like each collection, Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry began naturally and borrowed from my own life’s journey. Named for my inspiration—my children and the city I love—the jewelry has continued to grow and expand with our shared experiences. Three-dimensional art has always been essential to my life, and my love of and passion for this conceptual creativity has long been a way to both communicate and share my own unique perspectives on beauty, art, and appreciation.


Barbara Michelle Jacobs fine jewelry collections are available online at bmjnyc.com. I also work closely with a number of private clients seeking high-end, one-of-a-kind engagement, wedding bands, and heirloom redesigns.


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Photography: Yosra El-Essawy Yosra Fine Art & Photography
Don Kozusko DK Photography