Frequently Asked Questions

• What Is Your Eco/Ethical Philosophy And How Does It Influence The Way You Run Your Business?

Our ultimate goal is to do good and also to leave this world a better place. I know - a little heavy but, responsible sourcing is a priority. By tracking materials and making thoughtful choices we have the power to create change. About the materials we use....

PRECIOUS METALS: (Gold and Silver) 95% of the metal used is 100% recycled. It is recycled and refined by Hoover and Strong into Harmony Metals and by United Refiner's into Re-Defined products. Of the remaining 5%, much of it is recycled as well. This small percentage accounts for solder and some findings. 

DIAMONDS - Please see each listing for specific information. Diamonds are conflict-free and acquired from reputable us based wholesale sources. GIA certified, Newly mined (some from Canada) and vintage diamonds are available. Canadian diamonds are laser inscribed with a tracking number which trace it back to the mine it came from and show rough and finished weights. Antique and pre-owned diamonds, in the spirit of recycle-reuse-reduce waste, offer a sensible and charming alternative to mining.  If you are ordering a custom or made-to order diamond ring can will discuss options in more detail. Diamonds .25 carat and smaller are kept in stock. Larger stones are selected and purchased especially for you. 
COLORED STONES - Whenever possible, Fair Trade stones are sourced. See item listings for more specific information.
MISC.- The least toxic methods and studio chemicals are used. Responsible sourcing is an important issue and we are determined to keep raising the bar. If you have an idea or contact that can help us do a better job, we would love to hear it.

• WHY 18 KARAT AS OPPOSED TO 14 OR 10K? Because it is the best and the end result is fantastic. 18K is a testament to the quality, workmanship and longevity of your investment. It's the real deal and used by the most well respected jewelers. 18K means that by weight, an item contains 75% PURE gold, 25% other alloys. 

• ARE TWIG RINGS COMFORTABLE? Yes, very. The magnified photos are showing you enlarged detail. In actual scale, the ridges are very subtle. In some rings the integrity of the organic details continue inside the band. You'll enjoy the quirky natural integrity of the ring but will never feel the natural grain lines.  The buds are gently worked down leaving the visual suggestion there. We are always mindful of the reality, that it's important for rings to be comfortable. 

• IS IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE A CUSTOM MODIFICATION OF A PARTICULAR STYLE? Probably. Please tell us specifically what you would like. 

• I NEED A SPECIAL SIZE, WILL YOU MAKE IT FOR ME? Probably, we need to know which style and the size you would like.

The gold purchased to make your jewelry is recycled from old jewelry that had been sold to middlemen (cash for gold stores) before going to a refiner to remove impurities such as solder and other alloys. We buy recycled gold directly from the refiners and also through casters who purchase from Hoover & Strong and United Precious Metals Refining. As much as we would love to, we cannot recycle your old treasures into something new. The price we would have to charge for the extra time and effort required would exceed any savings from supplying the gold. 

• WILL YOU MAKE ME A CUSTOM ORDER IN STERLING SILVER? Again, the price we would have to charge to cover the extra time makes it cost prohibitive so it doesn't make economic sense for you. 

• HOW BIG IS A mm (millimeter)? I know it can be difficult to picture. Here's a quick visual that may help:   Most of the plastic credit cards in your wallet are 1mm thick  1/8 inch = 3.2mm, 1/4 inch = 6.5mm, 1/2 inch = 13mm 

• DO YOU OFFER A WARRANTY? There is a one year warranty on loss and replacement of small accent stones. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping one way and we pay the shipping back to you. (Please contact us for shipping instructions). If another jeweler works on the piece, the warranty becomes void. This includes stones falling out after another jeweler resizes. There is no warranty on center stones. To protect your investment, center stones and/or complete pieces are commonly covered as a rider on your homeowner's / renter's policy or by insurance firms such as Jeweler's Mutual or Chubb. Please see this blog article for more about insuring your jewelry.

• HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE YOU TO MAKE MY ITEM?  Turn around time for custom made-to-order items is usually up to 4 weeks. Actual lead times are dependent upon factors such as raw material inventory at the time, the day of the week the order comes in and our supplier's casting schedules - all of which constantly change.  Our tasks are grouped for optimum efficiency and we keep to an organized production schedule. If you have a specific request please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate. We need to know 3 things - style, shade of gold and when you intend to place the order. Inside Hint: Orders placed by 9:00 Tues morning EST tend to move fastest through the system.

• MY PURCHASE WILL BE A SURPRISE GIFT, HOW WILL THE SHIPMENT BE PACKAGED? No worries, your secret is safe. Your purchase will be carefully packed and boxed in a Federal Express branded box (or a padded envelope for purchases under $299. which ship USPS Priority). The sender will not be BMJNYC or Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry. Jewelers often ship under an alternate name to deter theft. It's an unintended coincidence that this also impedes curious others :) 

If we can accommodate we are happy to.  All customers and their orders are equally as important and we don't charge a rush fee unless we incur charges getting it to you sooner.  Sometimes, due to manufacturing schedules it's not possible to guarantee a sooner ship date and we will never promise something I can't deliver on. Contact us with specific questions. 

• WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO REACH YOU? Send us an email. Again, specific questions :) If we happen to be in front of the computer you'll get an immediate response. Other times it may take a day or until after the weekend for a reply. 

• WHAT IF I ORDER A RING AND IT DOESN'T FIT? The good news is, it's often easy to fix. Many opt to resize locally to bypass the time and expense of shipping. The charge to resize is $80. Rings with stones set all around the band are more complicated to resize and sometimes cannot be resized. Please take extra care when ordering these styles.

Determining your ring size- Metal sizing rings will give you the most accurate size. You can purchase a set for about $10.00 or stop by a local repair shop and ask to be sized at no charge. Keep in mind that fingers are not the exact same size all day every day. Humidity, salt intake, time of day etc effect size. Do your best and in most cases the size can be adjusted if necessary. 

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