7 Lovely DIY Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

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Collecting jewelry is fun. Keeping it organized and tangle-free may be another matter, however. Fortunately, there are several DIY ways to organize—and beautifully display—your jewelry. Since these organizers are “open air,” if you will, they’re not appropriate for your finest and most valuable jewelry, which should be securely stored in appropriate containers. Rather, these DIY jewelry organizers are perfect for the casual pieces you wear often.

1. Driftwood + Old Cabinet Knobs = Gorgeous Necklace Rack

This creative piece is part functional storage part upcycled art! Learn how to make it at Visibly Moved.

2. Stamped Squares of Corkboard

Using large decorative stamps or stencils to create patterns on corkboard tiles makes a lovely jewelry display—especially if you add pretty push pins into the mix. Learn more at Katelyn Brooke.

3. Jewelry Board with Repurposed Drawer Pulls

7 Lovely DIY Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Liz Marie is the clever gal behind this creation. Cabinet knobs make perfect necklace hangers while upside down drawer pulls offer the perfect nest for smaller pieces.

4. Photo Frame Jewelry Display

Turn your jewelry into art with this clever photo frame jewelry display. See more on Home Decorating and Staging.

5. Simple Twig and Twine Jewelry Display

7 Lovely DIY Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Perfect for a rustic touch, this understated way to show off your necklaces is quite simple—even for craft newbies! See how at Julie Ann Art .

6. Faux China Plate Jewelry Keeper

7 Lovely DIY Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Love Chinaware and jewelry? Combine your loves with this beautiful DIY project from Craft A Doodle Do.

7. Pretty Potted Branches

7 Lovely DIY Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Beautifully display your necklaces using found branches as seen here.

Which DIY jewelry storage method is your favorite?




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