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11 Amazing Ideas for a Beautiful Push Gift

Posted on September 12, 2019 by Mary Hood | 0 Comments

Push Gift Ideas

Giving birth is easily one of the most significant moments of a mother’s life, which is why many families are choosing to celebrate this milestone with a push gift. Increasingly trendy in the U.S., a push gift is a present given to the mother by her partner around the time of delivery.

These gifts can be given before or after delivery, in the delivery room, and/or even during the start of labor (it’s probably best to hold off on gifting during the actual pushing—she’ll be a wee bit distracted). Also, keep in mind that “push” doesn’t have to be taken literally—C-section and adoptive moms deserve a reward, too!

If you’re looking to mark the birth or adoption of your child—or possibly drop hints to your partner if you’re an expecting mom, check out these lovely ideas for a push gift.


Jewelry is the most traditional choice for push gifts, but the endless options available mean that you can find something just right for her. The following are a few ideas to inspire you.

Charm bracelet. Gift a new chain-link bracelet with a single charm (extra points if it’s baby-themed). You can gift her with additional charms to mark future milestones in the years to come. (Did you know that charm bracelets go way back? Here’s a look at their history.)

Locket. A locket also makes a wonderful push gift. Later, you can add a teeny-tiny photo of your newborn baby.

Necklace. A graceful necklace like the one below is a gift she can wear with almost anything! The nature-inspired pendant recalls new life and the circle of creation.

11 Amazing Ideas for a Beautiful Push Gift

Fringe Tree Circle Pendant Necklace

Baby’s birthstone. Opt for a piece featuring baby’s birthstone—see our gemstone ring collection for ideas! (Just be sure you get the correct ring size.)

 11 Amazing Ideas for a Beautiful Push Gift

Citrine Ring Accented with Butterflies

Pampering for Mom

Because you know she deserves it!

Espresso machine. If your baby-mama gave up caffeine for her pregnancy, consider giving her the gift that keeps on giving—an espresso machine or simple Moka stove-top pot. She’ll be able to enjoy a café-quality treat from the comfort of home. (See this mess-free machine.)

Skincare. Even if she’s glowing from head-to-toe, new mothers are no stranger to skincare concerns (thanks, hormones!). A simple, anti-oxidant rich body lotion will come in handy. If the beauty world intimidates you, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance at the cosmetics counter.

Spa time. A gift card to your local spa will give mom a chance unwind. A basic massage or a mani-pedi will help her feel pretty and pampered.

A ballerina wrap sweater. A lightweight ballerina-style wrap sweater is a beautiful and practical gift. They’re adjustable—perfect for mom’s recovering body—and nursing-friendly. Check out this one.

11 Amazing Ideas for a Beautiful Push Gift

Perfume. There’s nothing like scent to bring back special memories. A new fine fragrance will help mom remember the experience of bringing life into the world.

Something for the Whole Family

Who says a push gift can't be enjoyed by everyone?

Book a trip. Plan a relaxing getaway for your family at a kid-friendly resort. Aim for a least a few months after baby has arrived, so the family will have had some time to adjust to caring for your latest addition.

A rocker for your nursery. Mom, partner, and baby will all benefit from a cozy rocker (if you don’t already have one!). Late-night feedings will be all the more soothing. Here is a truly beautiful piece.

11 Amazing Ideas for a Beautiful Push Gift

Do you have any additional push gift ideas?

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