What is a rose cut diamond?

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Rose cut stones were popular in Europe in the 1500's and are enjoying renewed popularity today. The most notable feature of this cut is the stone's flat, or near flat bottom. Picture a low gumdrop with facets cut into the top. The facets start from the center of the stone and spread outward, usually in multiples of 6 appearing like a rose opening up. Although antique rose cut diamonds and other stones can still be found, the majority of rose cut stones in the market today are newly mined.  Rose Cuts can be found in diamonds, sapphires and a variety of other gemstones.  Irregular shapes are very common, as well as round, oval and pear.  The majority are flat on the bottom and faceted on top however some are faceted on top and bottom  The depth varies from stone to stone.The large and elegant shimmery surface and thin profile offer lots of great design possibilities but even better, the appearance of a larger stone since they occupy more surface area than a traditionally cut stone of the same weight.

rose cut diamond styles

Black Diamond EarringsCustom Pear Shaped Rose Cut RingCustom Black Diamond Ring

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