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Beautiful Jewelry Inspired by Flowers

Posted on July 09, 2020 by Mary Hood | 0 Comments

While we tend to associate spring with flowers, blooms tend to be beloved all year round —even if we’re just remembering the spring’s bounty. There are some blossoms we can experience no matter what the season, however: flowers that appear in art, and in this case, the wearable art that is jewelry. The following pieces of jewelry feature floral designs and some even include real flowers! Wearing any of these lovely blooms, you’ll feel the fresh romance of Spring and new beginnings.   

Beautiful Jewelry Inspired by Flowers | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry

This nature-inspired ring is a lovely reminder of Spring’s beauty and innocence. The friendly daisy bloom sits atop a twig band cast in recycled gold from a real Central Park twig. This ring is the definition of comfortable luxury.

Beautiful Jewelry Inspired by Flowers | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry

Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blossoming Branch Necklace in Sterling Silver

This delicate and graceful sterling silver necklace was cast from a blossoming branch with fresh buds using the ancient lost wax casting method. This pretty piece can add a touch of polish to everyday outfits as well as more formal wear.

Beautiful Jewelry Inspired by Flowers | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry

Barbara Michelle Jacobs Organic Tulip Design Post Earrings

Elegant and understated, these gold earrings inspired by tulips feature a small sparkling diamond in the center. These timeless earrings can be paired with almost anything. What you wear them with is up to you, but one thing is for certain—these little blooms will certainly elevate your look!

Beautiful Jewelry Inspired by Flowers | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry

Livin Lovin’ Bracelet Made with Real Flowers and Eco-Friendly Resin

The creative designer behind Livin Lovin’ places real flowers in eco-friendly resin for a fresh take on floral jewelry. Some of her pieces include flakes of real gold leaf for a glamorous touch. These delightfully affordable pieces make nice gifts for flower lovers.

Antique Late Victorian Natural Pearl Diamond Silver Gold Brooch

This Late Victorian-era brooch features a bouquet of diamond-set flowers and leaves tied tightly with a diamond-set bow. The large, natural baroque pearl lends the piece a sophisticated touch.

Beautiful Jewelry Inspired by Flowers | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry

Anat Basanta Tulip Earrings

For those who love minimalist jewelry, these tulip earrings by contemporary designer Anat Basanta are a hybrid of stud and dangle earring—the gold stem freely moves, giving the earrings a fun, whimsical quality.

Beautiful Jewelry Inspired by Flowers | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry

Passion Flower Made Live Succulent Ring

Succulent jewelry designer Susan McLeary trims succulent roots and secures them to jewelry using a plant-safe floral glue. All of the succulents are locally sourced from a family-owned greenhouse, and the jewelry bases are sourced from other small businesses. The jewelry is intended for special occasion wear—perfect for a botanical-themed wedding!—but if treated gently, the pieces can be enjoyed for a few weeks.

Beautiful Jewelry Inspired by Flowers | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry

Antique Diamond and Sapphire Brooch circa 1930s

This stunning brooch was likely created towards the end of the Art Nouveau era during which flowers and the natural world inspired fluid, languid lines in various art forms. The bright diamonds and the dark blue sapphires create an elegant contrast.

Beautiful Jewelry Inspired by Flowers | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry

Shiffers Oxidized Silver Tulip Ring

Sometimes jewelry really does look like wearable art. This oxidized silver ring featuring a copper tulip is indeed a statement piece. The avant-garde design should be allowed to take center stage in any outfit.

Are you enchanted by these flower-inspired pieces?

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Photos: Barbara Michelle Jacobs, Livin Lovin’ via Etsy, 1stDibs, Anat Basanta Jewelry, Passion Flower Made via Etsy, Shiffers

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