5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Brooch

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 Box of vintage brooches
Brooches are back, and we’ve got five creative and stylish ways to wear both new and vintage pins.

To keep the look modern, avoid matching the color of your brooch to the color of your outfit—and don’t be afraid to take risks! Pair a sweet, feminine brooch with an edgy pair of boots or wear a cluster of brooches together. There’s no harm in experimenting.  

Tip: To make sure you don't loose your brooch while you're wearing it, create a DIY safety catch using a rubber earring back or a small piece of pencil eraser.  

Here are 5 fun ways to wear a brooch:

1.  As an accent to a dress.  Any sheath in a solid color can be dressed up with a strategically placed brooch. 
  • If you’re wearing a V-neck, spice up the ensemble by fastening your brooch at the bottom of the “V.”
  • If you’re sporting a wrap dress, trying pinning your pin at the waist where the fabric crosses over itself.  This will accentuate and show off your waist.
  • If you’ve got on an off-the-shoulder number, wear your brooch off-center, close to one of your shoulders for a classic and glamorous touch.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing a brooch.

Elizabeth Taylor's brooch worn off to the side brings glamour to an otherwise simple dress. 

2.  In your hair.  If you’re attending a formal event and planning to style your hair in an updo, why not add a bit of glimmer with a brooch?  Using bobby pins, secure the brooch to your head near your bun or chignon.  Keep the look organic by placing the brooch off-center.
Vintage brooch, wedding hair style
A vintage brooch can be your "something old" to wear at your wedding. 
3.  On the lapel of your blazer. Whether you’re wearing a blazer with skinny jeans or a boardroom-ready dress, a festive brooch on the lapel of your jacket can add a feminine and eclectic touch.

4.  Hold the ends of a scarf together. For a classic look, loosely drape a silk scarf around your neck and secure with a brooch.  For a creative look, wrap the scarf around your head and secure with a brooch (and bobby pins).
5.  Over strands of pearls. Channel your inner Lady Luxe by securing multiple strands of pearls together with a brooch worn off to the side, under your collarbone. (If you’re ever looking to dress as Coco Chanel, pair this style with a tweed jacket, and you’re good to go!)

With a little searching, you're likely to find a brooch that's just right for your style and personality.  Gold antique spider brooch

You can shock and delight with this Gold Antique Spider Brooch... 

Vintage Koala Bear Brooch


...or turn up the cute factor with this Vintage Koala Bear Brooch


Wear a reclaimed sterling silver Willow Brooch for a classy, modern look. 


Scintillating crystal brooch for day or night.


Coffee or Tea Cup Brooch


Get your coffee fix with this Coffee or Tea Cup Brooch.

Shrink plastic brooch

If you're not a fan of classic gold and diamonds, try a creative brooch like this Portrait of Penelope Brooch, made with shrinkable plastic! 

Looking for more inspiration? Diamonds in the Library features an impressive array of brooch styles, including two of my favorites: Antique Diamond and Pearl Bow Brooches and Art Deco Puppy Brooches from the Early 20th Century

 Shop our collection of brooches here.

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