How to Untangle Chains with Olive Oil and a Pin

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Even the most careful among us find ourselves with a case of the dreaded tangled necklace chain. (Doesn’t it seem that our most delicate jewelry likes to tangle itself as soon as we look the other direction?) Initially, the problem may seem near impossible—no matter how nimble our fingers. Even a small, simple knot on a single chain can try our patience. 

Fortunately, there’s an easy DIY solution to this common issue.  But before we dive in, let’s get one thing straight: Fighting the knot will only lead to more headache—anything more than a gentle tweak may tighten the knot or bend or break the chain.

Perfectly Imperfect Gold Pendant Necklaces

Untangling your jewelry doesn't have to be be a chore.  Next time your necklace has a knot, try this simple trick.

Perfectly Imperfect Gold Pendant Necklace 

Now let’s get started! Note: If you’re dealing with multiple knotted areas, focus on one section at a time to avoid complicating the tangles.

1.  Set yourself up at a table in a well-lit area where you can sit comfortably. The bathroom counter is not an ideal location for this project, but if you must work in the bathroom, close the sink drain. 

2.  Lay your tangled necklace (or necklaces) on the table and undo each clasp or hook.  Unclasping the chains allows you to more easily pull chains through loops.

3.  Spread the chains out as much as possible without tugging on them.

4.  Dab olive oil on the knotted area. 

Olive oil for untangling necklace chains

Beyond salads: Olive oil comes in handy when you need to un-knot a chain and saves you from shelling out for jewelry lubricant. 

5.  There are two ways to untangle the chain(s) using pin (or sewing needle).  

            --Using 1 pin. Slide the pin through the knotted area and gently wiggle to loosen knots until you can use your fingers to untie them.

            --Using 2 pins. Insert two pins into the knotted area.  Simultaneously wiggle the pins as you move them away from each other.  Depending on the knot, you may have to try this trick at different angles.  Eventually, your patience will pay off, and you’ll be able to untie the knots with your fingers. 

6.  After breathing a huge sigh of relief, clean the oil off your jewelry with jewelry cleaner or this simple DIY Home Cleaning Solution.



Photos: iphoto/dja65, Barbara Michelle Jacobs, Pompeian via Flickr

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