What Are Black Diamonds?

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An elegant twist on a classic: Sweet Eclipse Black Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 


In recent years, the mysterious and alluring black diamond has caught the interest of many a jewelry lover. These glossy dark stones often appear alongside white diamonds for a striking contrast.  On their own, black diamonds make a modern, slightly edgy statement. 

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Black diamonds can inspire creative and unique designs. 

Custom Turquoise and Black Diamond Ring

If you’re looking to purchase a piece with black diamonds, it’s helpful to understand the difference between natural black diamonds and natural diamonds that have been treated to have a uniform dark color.

 carbonado, black diamond

Carbonado: A naturally black diamond.

No one is quite sure how natural black diamonds, or carbonado, came to be.  Black diamond origin theories are just as interesting as the stone itself—some posit that carbonado were a sort of “confetti” from a supernova explosion while others believe these stones were the result of asteroid or meteor impact. Most naturally black diamonds are found in Brazil and central Africa.

Whatever their true origin, they’re the toughest form of natural diamond out there. Black diamonds get their color from dark inclusions (mostly from graphite and amorphous carbon) while their polycrystalline structure renders them opaque.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a naturally solid black diamond for sale at most jewelry stores, however.  These are quite rare, and, as one source put it, they cost “an island.”

The black diamonds that most us can afford are diamonds with some inclusions that have been treated through high temperatures or irradiation to have a more uniform dark color.  These treated stones may have a dark green hue and can range from dark grey to black. Typically, they’re slightly less expensive than standard white diamonds and some say, even more beautiful.

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Edgy and minimalist: Black Diamond Rose Cut Earrings


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