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Best Places to Buy Ancient Coin Jewelry Online

Posted on August 18, 2016 by Mary Hood | 0 Comments

Are you a fan of treasure but not keen on going hunting for it yourself? Do you love ancient coins but don’t believe they should be hidden away only to be viewed once in a blue moon? Jewelry made from ancient coins presents a way to indulge your love for history, treasure, and the exotic—and the best part is that you can select pieces from several independent vendors who do the jewelry making for you. The following are just a few online retailers specializing in ancient coin jewelry.

Lost Galleon Authentic Treasure Coin Jewelry

 Best Places to Buy Ancient Coin Jewelry Online 

Lost Galleon El Cazador Shipwreck

For over 20 years, Lost Galleon has specialized in rare, high-grade pieces from Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Authentic coins are custom framed and crafted into a variety of pieces—from money clips to rings to necklaces. You can also shop by country of origin or shipwrecks (like Spanish shipwrecks). The cool thing about Lost Galleon is that the company actually dives for the coins themselves!

Ancient Creations

 Best Places to Buy Ancient Coin Jewelry Online 

Ancient Creations Portrait of Christ Pendant (Byzantine)

Ancient Creations sources rare coins from auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christies, but all custom designs and mounting are done in-house. Ancient Creations’ jewelry features coins from ancient Greek, Roman, Spanish, Portuguese, Persian, European/Medieval, Asian, and Byzantine collections.  The site also provides a detailed historical account of the development and usage of coins across ancient nation-states. History buffs, don’t miss Ancient Creations’ glossary of terms!

Erez Ancient Coin Jewelry

 Best Places to Buy Ancient Coin Jewelry Online

Erez Ancient Coin Jewelry Silver Drachma Bracelet (Greek)

Erez Ancient Coin Jewelry sources coins for jewelry mostly from Israel and the Middle East. Each product description includes brief historical context for the coin featured in the jewelry piece. If you have your own coin that you’d like set in a piece of jewelry, Erez welcomes custom orders. All pieces and designs are handmade in the United States.

Ferbers Unique Fine Jewelry

 Best Places to Buy Ancient Coin Jewelry Online

Ferbers Unique Fine Jewelry “A Perfect Sixpence” (England, 1916)

Among Ferbers’ collection of luxury pieces, the vendor features jewelry made from ancient and vintage coins.  The family-owned jewelry store is a member of Jewelers of America and has the highest rating for creditworthiness granted to any jewelry store in its trade area by the Jeweler’s Board of Trade. In addition to ancient coin jewelry, they also create pieces with ancient Roman glass and pieces of meteorite.

Ancient Resource

 Best Places to Buy Ancient Coin Jewelry Online 

Ancient Resource Ephesus Bezel

Specializing in ancient artifacts from Greece, Rome, and Egypt, Ancient Resource works with museums, universities, institutions, auction houses, galleries, and collectors in 40 different countries across the globe to procure its impressive collection of ancient goods—including jewelry featuring ancient coins. Each piece is all authenticated and legally acquired.

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