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How to Stack Bracelets

Posted on December 13, 2018 by Mary Hood | 1 Comment

 How to Stack Bracelets | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blog

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Interestingly, minimalist fashion and intricate layering are en vogue at the same time. While there’s a lot to be said for minimalism, there’s something about layering pieces that brings out the inner girl-in-mom’s-jewelry-box—it’s playful, whimsical, and joyful. Stacking or layering jewelry—whether that’s necklaces, rings, or bracelets—allows the wearer to customize her look and even artfully combine multiple styles.

Layering jewelry can be an art, and like any art, understanding a few fundamentals can take your craft to the next level. Although throwing on just any combination of pieces can lead to a cool look, there are a some loose guidelines that will have you stacking jewelry—in this case, bracelets—like a pro stylist.

How to Stack Bracelets | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blog 

How to Stack Bracelets

While necklaces may require more precision layering, you can get away with a lot when it comes to stacking bracelets, so don’t be afraid to go big! That being said, keep in mind the length and style of your shirt sleeves. The more elaborate (lacy, patterned, etc.) your sleeve, the easier you want to go with the bracelets. You don’t want your shirt sleeve to be competing for space or attention with your bracelets.

 How to Stack Bracelets | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blog

Start simple. Begin with 2-4 pieces. 

Start with a staple—like your wristwatch or a bracelet you wear almost every day.

How to Stack Bracelets | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blog

Experiment with one arm rather than tackling both at once. 

When layering bracelets, keep in mind that mixing textures, thickness, materials, and metals will yield a more interesting and personalized stack. Also, don’t be afraid to mix fine jewelry with everyday jewelry—like semi-precious stones or even a friendship bracelet. In fact, avoid anything too matchy-matchy.

How to Stack Bracelets | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blog 

Keep the rest of your look fairly simple. Skip stacking rings and layering necklaces, and allow your wrist(s) to make your style statement.

Keep your nails neat. Stacked bracelets (and rings) will draw attention to your hands, so nix the chipped polish if you’re planning to layer jewelry around your hands.

How to Stack Bracelets | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blog 

Be mindful of where you’ll be wearing your stack. Any place (like the office) in which layered (i.e. noisy) bracelets may annoy those around you probably isn’t the place to sport your stack. 

How to Stack Bracelets | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blog

Ideas for Bracelet Combinations

Feminine Luxe:

Gold statement watch + delicate gold chain + charm bracelet with toggle closure + rose quartz beaded bracelet.

Colorful & Fun:

Multicolored bracelet(s) + wrap bracelet + beaded bracelet + bulky statement piece.

Rocker Style:

Studded cuff + silver chain + rhodium-plated (black) bangle or chain.

Boho Chic:

Beaded bracelet(s) with tassel + metal cuff + patterned piece + friendship bracelet.

Metal Lover:

Rose gold cuff + silver bangle + simple gold chain.

Are you a fan of stacking bracelets? What are your favorite combinations?

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