Surface Finishes on Metal - Will that be polished or satin?

Posted on May 04, 2011 by Barbara Polinsky | 0 Comments

A finish is a treatment  on the exterior of  jewelry which gives the piece a subtle flavor. It's the icing on the cake, that final detail that enhances the design. It is usually one of the final steps in completing a piece and has no bearing on the overall construction of the piece.

There are different types of finishes such as brushed, patination, etching, enamel, electroplating and hammering. The two most common finishes in fine jewelry are polished (shiny) and satin (matte).   These mechanical finishes are applied by physical abrasion of the metal surface using a secondary media. The media may be cloth, stone, metal or plastics used with a waxy finishing compound and is washed off after each step.  Methods of application include wheel, hand abrasion, blasting, tumbling barrels and vibratory finishers.

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