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11 Amazing Ideas for a Beautiful Push Gift

Posted on September 12, 2019 by Mary Hood | 0 Comments

Push Gift Ideas

Giving birth is easily one of the most significant moments of a mother’s life, which is why many families are choosing to celebrate this milestone with a push gift. Increasingly trendy in the U.S., a push gift is a present given to the mother by her partner around the time of delivery.

These gifts can be given before or after delivery, in the delivery room, and/or even during the start of labor (it’s probably best to hold off on gifting during the actual pushing—she’ll be a wee bit distracted). Also, keep in mind that “push” doesn’t have to be taken literally—C-section and adoptive moms deserve a reward, too!

If you’re looking to mark the birth or adoption of your child—or possibly drop hints to your partner if you’re an expecting mom, check out these lovely ideas for a push gift.


Jewelry is the most traditional choice for push gifts, but the endless options available mean that you can find something just right for her. The following are a few ideas to inspire you.

Charm bracelet. Gift a new chain-link bracelet with a single charm (extra points if it’s baby-themed). You can gift her with additional charms to mark future milestones in the years to come. (Did you know that charm bracelets go way back? Here’s a look at their history.)

Locket. A locket also makes a wonderful push gift. Later, you can add a teeny-tiny photo of your newborn baby.

Necklace. A graceful necklace like the one below is a gift she can wear with almost anything! The nature-inspired pendant recalls new life and the circle of creation.

11 Amazing Ideas for a Beautiful Push Gift

Fringe Tree Circle Pendant Necklace

Baby’s birthstone. Opt for a piece featuring baby’s birthstone—see our gemstone ring collection for ideas! (Just be sure you get the correct ring size.)

 11 Amazing Ideas for a Beautiful Push Gift

Citrine Ring Accented with Butterflies

Pampering for Mom

Because you know she deserves it!

Espresso machine. If your baby-mama gave up caffeine for her pregnancy, consider giving her the gift that keeps on giving—an espresso machine or simple Moka stove-top pot. She’ll be able to enjoy a café-quality treat from the comfort of home. (See this mess-free machine.)

Skincare. Even if she’s glowing from head-to-toe, new mothers are no stranger to skincare concerns (thanks, hormones!). A simple, anti-oxidant rich body lotion will come in handy. If the beauty world intimidates you, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance at the cosmetics counter.

Spa time. A gift card to your local spa will give mom a chance unwind. A basic massage or a mani-pedi will help her feel pretty and pampered.

A ballerina wrap sweater. A lightweight ballerina-style wrap sweater is a beautiful and practical gift. They’re adjustable—perfect for mom’s recovering body—and nursing-friendly. Check out this one.

11 Amazing Ideas for a Beautiful Push Gift

Perfume. There’s nothing like scent to bring back special memories. A new fine fragrance will help mom remember the experience of bringing life into the world.

Something for the Whole Family

Who says a push gift can't be enjoyed by everyone?

Book a trip. Plan a relaxing getaway for your family at a kid-friendly resort. Aim for a least a few months after baby has arrived, so the family will have had some time to adjust to caring for your latest addition.

A rocker for your nursery. Mom, partner, and baby will all benefit from a cozy rocker (if you don’t already have one!). Late-night feedings will be all the more soothing. Here is a truly beautiful piece.

11 Amazing Ideas for a Beautiful Push Gift

Do you have any additional push gift ideas?

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Photos: Unsplash, Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry, Net-a-Porter, Pottery Barn

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Best Coffee Table Jewelry Books

Posted on August 24, 2017 by Mary Hood | 0 Comments

Although no jewelry gift can quite compare to actual jewelry, these stunning coffee table books come close. Think of these tomes as the diamonds of the book world--they're gorgeous, beautifully crafted, and designed to last (both literally and figuratively--the incredible jewelry in these books depict will never be passé). 

Like a diamond, these books are an investment. However, each one educates as much as it looks pretty sitting in the center of your living room or on your nightstand. Any one of these books would make a perfect gift for a jewelry lover--or just a treat for you!

1. Vogue: The Jewellery, by Carol Woolton 

Best Coffee Table Jewelry Books | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry Blog

Carol Woolton is the jewelry editor of British Vogue and an expert on historic and antique jewelry. This beautiful collection highlights the most memorable jewelry moments in Vogue and features both costume and fine jewelry. Illustrating the variety of jewelry featured in the magazine over the years, 300 pieces are organized into five sections: Show-stoppers, Rock Chick, Minimalist, Exotic, and Classical.

2. The Impossible Collection of Jewelry, by Vivienne Becker

Best Coffee Table Jewelry Books | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry Blog

Jewelry historian Vivienne Becker captures the milestones of jewelry design from the last century in The Impossible Collection. From the Art Nouveau period to the pre-new millennium era, 100 pieces are showcased for their design and the fascinating stories behind them. Featured designers include Cartier, Van Cleef, David Webb, and Boivin.

3. Pearls, by Beatrix Chadour-Sampson

Best Coffee Table Jewelry Books | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry Blog

Spanning centuries and cultures, Pearls traces the history of pearls' role as symbols of status and glamour--and in some contexts, purity. The book begins with a discussion pearls in the Roman Empire and concludes with a feature on pearls (and the impact of their cultured counterparts) in the modern era.

4. Jewels of the Rennaissance, by Yvonne Hackenbrock

Best Coffee Table Jewelry Books | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry Blog

The European Renaissance is one of the most interesting periods for jewelry design. Written by Renaissance and world jewelry authority Yvonne Hackenbroch, Jewels of the Renaissance overflows with stunning images of some of the most creative pieces from this artistic period. Hackenbroch also weaves in the compelling stories behind the pieces--including tales about who wore the jewelry, who created it, and who commissioned it.

5. Emerald: Twenty-One Centuries of Jewelled Opulence and Power, by Joanna Hardy

Best Coffee Table Jewelry Books | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry Blog

Split into three parts, Emerald celebrates the green gemstone that's reported to be 20 times rarer than a diamond. The first section features emerald jewelry worn by celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana, and Elizabeth Taylor. This section also illustrates how emeralds have been featured in art and advertising. The second section covers historic emerald pieces--some created millennia ago, others created by the likes of Cartier, Boucheron, Bulgari, and Harry Winston. The final section discusses the emerald trade and features specially commissioned photos from four continents. 

6. Bejewelled Treasures: The Al-Thani Collection, by Susan Stronge

Best Coffee Table Jewelry Books | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry Blog

This book features 100 of the most spectacular pieces of a single Victoria & Albert jewelry collection, the Al-Thani Collection. Enjoy gorgeous photos of pieces previously owned by the great maharajas, nizams, sultans, and emperors of India from the 17th to the 20th century. Bejewelled Treasures also examines how Indian jewelry influenced theAvantee-Garde pieces of European jewelry designers (including Cartier). 


Which of these jewelry coffee table books is on your wishlist?

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Photos: Amazaon

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