5 Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Whether you're planning to celebrate Valentine's Day with your friends, family, or significant, other, we've got you covered with creative gift ideas. Each selection comes from an earth-conscious brand with an eye for quality and beauty--you may just be inspired to treat yourself, too! 

5 Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas | Barbara Michelle Jacobs

For your “galentine” or sister: 

It’s always a treat to receive thoughtful beauty products. This Valentine’s Day, remind your best gal pal to pamper herself by giving her a Trust Fund Beauty nail polish set. This pack of three colors, a vanilla white, a soft pink, and a barley-there peach, will have her covered when she needs a simple and classy manicure. Despite the brand’s raunchy humor (one color is called “Embarrassed by Last Night”), Trust Fund Beauty is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free brand. Each polish is free of the major nail polish toxins, including formaldehyde, toluene, and parabens.

 5 Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas | Barbara Michelle Jacobs

For your male friend (“bromance”) or brother:

Nothing beats a good shave, especially when that shave involves skin- and earth-friendly ingredients. Pacific Shaving 3-Step Shaving Regimen will have your best buddy covered (and TSA-ready) when it comes to facial grooming.  With organic aloe, coconut oil, lavender, and oat kernel, the ultra-soothing shaving cream in this set is designed to avoid the common pitfalls of shaving, namely razor burn and sensitive or dry skin. 

 5 Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas | Barbara Michelle Jacobs

For your male romantic partner:

Cufflinks have a rich history that may even be traceable to ancient Egypt! Traditionally, cufflinks are given to men to mark special occasions, like weddings or graduations. Although perhaps not a typical Valentine’s Day gift, cufflinks can serve to symbolize your romance. After all, their purpose is to link or clasp while adding beauty to the wearer’s ensemble. These handsome Branch Cufflinks are made with recycled sterling silver and are cast directly from nature. Perfect for the earth-conscious gentleman with a flair for formalwear.

 5 Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas | Barbara Michelle Jacobs

For your female romantic partner:

Directly cast from a blossoming branch with newly-set buds, this handmade necklace is crafted with 100% recycled sterling silver. Whether your love is just blossoming or in full bloom, let this romantic necklace remind her of the beautiful things to come and grow in your relationship—no matter how many months or years you’ve been going strong. (Bonus fashion tip: She can even incorporate this necklace with other necklaces for a glam and on-trend, layered look.)

 5 Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas | Barbara Michelle Jacobs

For a parent, grandparent, or special mentor:

Unique stationary is a beautiful gift for someone who has inspired and supported you through the years. For example, this eco-friendly, handmade notebook with a geometric patterned cover from Paper and Lattice will look like nothing else on their desk. The journal is made with recycled paper and lays flat for easy writing.

Are you planning to do any special V-Day shopping this year? 

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