The Modern Silk Road - Celia Grace Fair Trade Wedding Gowns & Accessories

Posted on May 17, 2013 by Barbara Polinsky | 1 Comment

I recently met Marcie Muehlke, Founder and CEO of Celia Grace at Wed/Altered in NY and was intrigued by the mission of her bridal company and had a chance to ask her a few questions. Not only are the dresses beautiful but she can also track the origin of the raw materials and see the positive results of her efforts in the stimulation of small women's sewing collectives. 
Barbara: What makes Celia Grace wedding dresses sustainable?
Marcie: Whereas most dresses are made from polluting petroleum-based polyester, Celia Grace wedding dresses are made from natural silk.  Our silk is eco because it is made by hand on a no-electricity loom, uses very little water to make, and it is colored only with safe dyes.  In addition, our silk is made close to where are dresses are sewn, reducing the distance it has to travel.
Barbara: What does fair trade mean at Celia Grace?
Marcie: Celia Grace wedding dresses are sewn under safe, fair and empowering conditions.  Our seamstresses are treated like the smart, talented women that they are – they are paid a living wage, get benefits, work reasonable hours, and even learn about democratic participation through their women’s sewing group.  We also pay a fair wage for our silk and donate a water filter to a Cambodian family in need with every dress we sell. 

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