Holiday Proposal Ideas

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The holidays represent a time of coming together, enjoying old traditions, and starting new ones. It’s no surprise, then, that this special time is one of the most popular for marriage proposals. For many couples who get engaged over the holidays, future holidays seasons symbolize their enduring union—in addition to the usual holiday joy.

 Holiday Proposal Ideas | BMJ Blog

Holiday Gifts

Holiday gifts don’t have to be given on an actual holiday. Why not surprise your love with something special on Dec. 23? Or Dec. 28?

  1. Little box packed into bigger boxes.

Place the ring box into a slightly larger box, and place that box into yet another larger box, and so on. Wrap the final, large box in festive paper and present your dear with the “big” present.

  1. Special message in a locket.

Many people love receiving special jewelry for Christmas, engagement ring or not. Find a large locket, and fill it with a small piece of paper with the words, “Will you marry me?” This would make a lovely gift for pre-Christmas, Christmas, post-Christmas, New Years, or the last day of Chanukah. You get the idea :) 

Holiday Proposal Ideas | BMJ Blog


  1. Stocking stuffer.

Place a beautifully wrapped ring box at the bottom of your darling’s stocking. Fill the rest with his favorite candy. His final gift will be so much better than a Snicker’s!

  1. Christmas tree ornament.

This could possibly be the perfect pre-Christmas proposal idea. Suggest picking out a natural tree and decorating it together. Act normal as you string on the lights and place the first several ornaments. As you get closer to finishing the tree, hand her an ornament with a ring perched on the top. In the presence of the lights and shiny ornaments, the stone(s) will be sure to dazzle!

  1. Mistletoe surprise.

Mistletoe is so mischievous—and romantic. Hang mistletoe in a well-trafficked area of the house. Secure a ring on a string to the mistletoe so that it’s visible from directly below but not obvious. Playfully lure your beloved under the mistletoe. After the kiss, point above your heads to reveal the ring.

New Years

Holiday Proposal Ideas | BMJ Blog

  1. Champagne glass ornament.

Ring in the New Year. (Apologies for the pun—it could not be avoided!) Celebrate the dropping of the ball with a glass of fine champagne. Place the ring in the champagne—or, if you’re concerned about safety—tie the ring to the base of the flute for a glamorous statement.

General Holiday Cheer

  1. A rooftop message.

Get crafty with holiday lights (white or blue are especially pretty). Spell “Marry Me?” with strings of lights on your rooftop (provided that the roof is slanted enough so that the words are legible from the ground). Leave the lights off while you take your love on a romantic date. Arrange for a friend to turn on the lights while you’re away.

  1. Romantic wintery trip.

Winter is the perfect time to take a romantic trip. Whether you retreat to a cozy, woodsy cabin or fly to the City of Lights, your new surroundings may make an ideal setting for your proposal.

Holiday Proposal Ideas | BMJ Blog

  1. Family gathering.

If your significant other isn’t overly private, why not propose around family members? A proposal at a joyful dinner or gathering around the hearth would make for a very sweet, family-filled moment. It may be wise to tell a few family members what’s going to happen beforehand in case you need a little strategic backup.


     10.   A delicious question on holiday cookies.

Does your darling love sweets? Why not spell out a marriage proposal on holiday cookies? A batch of simple sugar cookies (preferably homemade) with some pretty frosting is all you need. 

Holiday Proposal Ideas | BMJ Blog


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