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Beauty in Imperfection in Belle Armoire Jewelry

Posted on April 12, 2010 by Barbara Polinsky | 0 Comments

Last summer I wrote an article about the creative process behind my collection, Beauty in Imperfection.  My friend Alma suggested that I submit the story to Stampington Publications and it was just published it in their lovely Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine.

 Beauty in Imperfection

Belle Armoire Jewelry Spring 2010
By Barbara Polinsky

It’s not perfect, and that’s the point. File marks, visible seams and solder – things that other jewelers might consider bewildering - are the trademark of my collection. Inspired by the imperfection that abounds in nature, people, and in life, these rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings are a tribute to acceptance. The forms are clean and simple. As in life, It’s the blemishes that add the depth and character.

Beauty in Imperfection was born in a moment of frustration. I was working in the studio, trying unsuccessfully to fabricate a new design. That day, nothing was going right and I kept making careless mistakes. In total exasperation, I squished the entire piece I was working on through a rolling mill! When it emerged through the other end of the mill, I was astonished at the graceful irregular form. I sat back and smiled.

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Caring For Your Jewelry

Posted on February 17, 2010 by Barbara Polinsky | 0 Comments

Fine jewelry is often an investment which should be worn and enjoyed.  Proper care will ensure that your treasures will last longer than a lifetime.

Here are some general guidelines for basic care to keep your valuables looking brand new and the stones secure.   If, for any reason, you are uncertain about a piece after reading this, consult us or a local jewelry professional. Always remove jewelry before doing manual labor and when coming into contact with chlorine especially in common household cleaners.CHECK-UPS: Check settings periodically (at least once per year) professionally for any damage to prongs or bezels. Contact me or bring the piece to a professional jeweler for repair immediately if you observe any of the following:

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About Carats, Karats and Carrots

Posted on January 11, 2010 by Barbara Polinsky | 0 Comments

The correct use of the words karat and Carat can be confusing. Both derive from the word carob because carob seeds were used as counterweights on ancient balancing scales. Although other types of seeds were also used for measuring, the carob seed was preferred for its precision in weighing gold and gemstones because its mass varies so little.

Here's a quick overview of the differences:

CARAT is a unit of weight used specifically for gemstones and pearls. One carat is equal to 200mg or 100 points. Therefore, a .70 carat stone may also be referred to as being 70 points. This unit of measurement was adopted by the United States in 1913.

KARAT describes the quality or purity of the gold in and item. Pure gold is 24 karat and is rarely used for jewelry in its pure form because it is so soft and also very costly. Gold is normally alloyed with other metals such as silver and copper and the resulting blend is harder and more durable for jewelry. Reducing the percentage of gold and increasing the amount of other alloys has another added benefit. It reduces the cost and makes the piece more affordable. The lowest karatage that can be sold and marketed as Gold jewelry in the United States is 10 karat.

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Thank you!

Posted on December 31, 2009 by Barbara Polinsky | 0 Comments

Wow! Now that 2009 is over and I have a moment to reflect, I just want to thank everyone for your help in making 2009 such an amazing year. My very small business has grown tremendously thanks to Etsy, my awesome customers, reliable suppliers and the spectacular reception of the Wedding and Celebration ring styles.

I feel great about 2010 -there are some fun and exciting things brewing. Look for designs with recycled diamonds, inspiration from Walden Pond and maybe even some bar accessories..... Excuse me while I go buckle up. I have a feeling it's going be a wild ride!

Best wishes for much happiness and only good things in this new year. B.



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Ya Gotta Have Friends...

Posted on September 22, 2009 by Barbara Polinsky | 0 Comments

A shout out to my fellow artists and friends who meet on Wednesday mornings to share ideas and inspire each other. Some weeks are more inspiring than others but I cherish coming every week - even if I haven't done my homework. This morning we were bidding farewell to Laura before her move to Atlanta. Pictured: Lise Aug, Elise Margolis, Me, Laura Freeman, Alma Stoller, Camilla Marstrand Golden Not pictured: Donna Levinstone, Patricia Childers


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What is a rose cut diamond?

Posted on July 16, 2009 by Barbara Polinsky | 0 Comments

Rose cut stones were popular in Europe in the 1500's and are enjoying renewed popularity today. The most notable feature of this cut is the stone's flat, or near flat bottom. Picture a low gumdrop with facets cut into the top. The facets start from the center of the stone and spread outward, usually in multiples of 6 appearing like a rose opening up. Although antique rose cut diamonds and other stones can still be found, the majority of rose cut stones in the market today are newly mined.  Rose Cuts can be found in diamonds, sapphires and a variety of other gemstones.  Irregular shapes are very common, as well as round, oval and pear.  The majority are flat on the bottom and faceted on top however some are faceted on top and bottom  The depth varies from stone to stone.The large and elegant shimmery surface and thin profile offer lots of great design possibilities but even better, the appearance of a larger stone since they occupy more surface area than a traditionally cut stone of the same weight.

rose cut diamond styles

Black Diamond EarringsCustom Pear Shaped Rose Cut RingCustom Black Diamond Ring

Tranquility Band With Green Rose Cut Sapphires, Rose Cut White Diamond Oval Solitaire, Large Irregular Shaped Pink Sapphire Ring


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As featured in Zink Magazine

Posted on March 15, 2009 by Barbara Polinsky | 0 Comments

Thank you sooooo much Bernardo Siaotong, stylist extraordinaire, for featuring Beauty in Imperfection bangles in the March 2009 issue. It's my first time in print! Hooray :)

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