Using Photo Editing to Design Custom Jewelry

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The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" couldn't be more true.  Customers often contact us to ask if our designs can be customized. Most of the time we can and welcome the opportunity. Collaborating with a jeweler on a custom piece is a great way to see your own ideas come to life.  Also, if you've inherited a stone from a family member, finding a modern setting for it can add a little something special to your heirloom. 

Sending a photoshopped or annotated image is a great way to convey your ideas. 

Here are a few of our favorites:



1. Three Sprig Bands combined with a custom eternity band.

2. Bezel Branch Goddess Engagement Ring modified with two-tone gold and champagne diamond.


3.  The diamond in this Bezel Set Emerald Cut Solitaire Ring was replaced with a pink stone (could be morganite, kunzite, or rose quartz.) Diamonds were also added to the band. 



4.  This image features a combination of a stone setting from another ring and a Spring Band


It doesn't stop at rings! You can customize any kind of jewelry.


5.  The black diamonds in these Rose Cut Earrings are pictured below accented with blue sapphires around the bezel.  

6.  This North Star Pendant Necklace features a bright green stone (like apatite or emerald). 


Would you love to try this but don't have photo editing software?   Fotor, Aviary, Canva, and  GIMP are a few of the many companies who offer free online photo editing tools. As you can see, the edits don't have to be perfect, just convey your idea. With a little creativity and trial and error, you'll discover countless options for customization.  


If you're interested in working with us to see a custom design come to life, please send your queries or pictures to





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