Finding the Right Engagement Ring for Your Bride's Style

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Looking for the perfect engagement ring but feeling a little overwhelmed?  We’re here to help.  While there are several factors that go into choosing the right ring, you can start by figuring out what kind of style you want.  Once you’ve got this established, you can really narrow down your search and start focusing on other considerations like your budget. After all, it's not about the price--it's about her. 

While every bride has a style distinct to her alone, the following style profiles will help you select a style of ring to reflect and emphasize your girlfriend’s unique charm.


Her Essence: Classic girls are drawn to clean, feminine lines—think tailored, silk button-down blouse.  While she may indulge in the occasional trendy piece, she truly values timeless pieces that can be worn season after season.  Her style is elegant, charming, and practical.

Style Signatures: ballet flats, pearl studs, simple cardigans, her grandmother’s charm bracelet. 

Style Icons: Audrey Hepburn, Michelle Obama, C. Z. Guest

What to look for: Choose a ring with featuring a simple arrangement of stones or a single stone.  Yellow gold and diamonds are truly a timeless pair.  Keep in mind: classic doesn’t mean boring or generic—look for a ring with a subtle twist.


Our pick: Oh No He Didn't Bezel Solitaire



Her Essence: Romantic brides favor sweet feminine details—white roses in a vase, an antique tea cup, sheer curtains.  She loves combining vintage pieces with the more delicate modern trends.  You instantly fell in love with her warm, gentle smile.

Style Signatures: sheer lilac dress, lace-trimmed skirt, soft curls in her hair, floral perfume.

Style Icons: Keira Knightley, Michelle Williams, Kate Mara

What to look for: Don’t be afraid of choosing a more intricate ring for your Romantic bride, but steer away from chunkier, “heavy” pieces.  Soft tones like pearl and rose gold whisper style bliss for a Romantic girl.


Our pick: Morganite Gemstone and Pearl Ring



Her Essence: Your boho gal is carefree and joyfully eccentric.  She’s inspired by organic textures and earthy tones.  Saturday morning finds her cruising the flea market for goodies to decorate her living room or hitting up the local green juice joint.  This free spirit plays by her own rules—in fashion and in life—and may just be the first person to get up and dance at a party.

Style Signatures: turquoise rings, fringed handbag, long, flowy dresses, patterned tunics.

Style Icons: Margherita Missoni, Erin Wasson, Diane von Furstenberg

What to look for: Choose a ring that mirrors textures found in nature and features a non-traditional design.  Oxidized sterling silver offers an earthy edge to any ring. The perfect ring for your Boho bride will dazzle without frills or fuss.


Our Pick: It All Stacks Up in Silver and Diamonds



Her Essence: The artistic girl expresses her creativity in a variety of ways. Perhaps she’s an artist in the strict sense, painting or sculpting her next masterpiece. Perhaps she’s a fashion designer or a beauty editor who loves finding creative ways to make current trends her own.  She has an great eye for aesthetics and thrives on throwing together an eye-catching outfit or salad. 

Style Signatures: a dress of her own making, a bold red lip, the latest “It” bag, stacked bracelets in different metal tones.

Style Icons: Frida Kahlo, Padma Lakshmi, Charlotte Gainsbourg

What to look for: Get into her head—go for a visually stunning piece that creatively incorporates traditional elements with unique features. You may even want to consider a central stone other than diamond set in an organic band.



Our Pick: Blue Topaz and Tsavorite Garnet Radiance Ring



Her Essence: The modernist woman is the epitome of sleek. Whether it’s the thread-count of her egg-white sheets or the vintage of a crisp Pinot Grigio, the Modernist knows and enjoys luxury.  Her look is never overdone and always perfectly coordinated. You can find her in subdued tones or bold brights but rarely anything trendy or “busy.” Her look is polished, urban, and sophisticated.

Her style signatures: asymmetrical structured dresses, simple designer watch, black skinny jeans, dark plum manicure.

Style Icons: Sofia Coppola, Angelina Jolie, Katherine Hepburn

What to look for: Go for something minimalist, non-traditional, with a slight creative edge that speaks to her taste in the finer things. Emerald cut diamonds and white gold or platinum make a beautiful pair for the Modern ring. 
Our Pick: Balance Concave Diamond Ring


Photos: Barbara Michelle Jacobs 

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