How to Remove a Tight Ring

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Removing a ring from a swollen finger doesn’t need to be painful and frustrating.  Here are a few tricks for sliding off a stubborn ring.

 I. The Twisting Method: 

(This is the best method to use when you're trying on a ring in a store and--opps!--it's stuck. We've all been there.)

1. Place your index finger and thumb on opposite sides of the ring.

2. Gently twist back and forth while pulling the ring away from your hand. 

A luscious lotion may help that tight ring slide right off (below). Lotion by Acure Organics.


II. The Lubricant Method:

1. Cover the area around the ring with a lubricant (lotion, olive oil, hair conditioner, even peanut butter!).

2. Use the twisting method (above) to remove the ring.


III. The Elevation Method:

1. If methods I and II aren’t working, try elevating your hand above shoulder level for ten minutes. This will promote recirculation of blood and reduce the swelling in your hand.

2. After ten minutes, try any method to remove the ring.


IV. The Cold Water Method:

1. Place your hand in ice-cold water for a few minutes.  Cool temperature cause vasoconstriction (the closing of small blood vessels), which reduces swelling.

2. Try any method to remove the ring.

rubber band ball

Try using a rubber band to remove a stuck ring (below). 


V. The Rubber Band Method (For a very stubborn ring):

(If possible, have a friend assist you.)

1. Find a flexible, medium-sized rubber band and cut it in one spot to make it a rubber string.

2. Beginning at the top knuckle and working towards the ring, tightly wrap the band around your finger, completely covering the skin.

3. When you reach the ring, use tweezers to gently work the rubber band under the ring and pull it through the other side.

4. Pull the rubber band away from the hand while unwrapping it in the opposite direction. The ring will slowly move up the finger with the rubber band until it reaches the top of the finger, at which point it may be easily slipped off.


After you’ve removed the ring, there’s a chance that your finger may feel a little sore or irritated. Be sure to clean and moisturize the afflicted finger and apply antiseptic to any chapped skin. To soothe the area, elevate your hand by resting it on a pillow. You can also place a cool compress between your hand and the pillow.  

 engagement ring, sapphires

Rings should sit comfortably on fingers. If your ring is increasingly difficult to remove as the years go by, talk to your jeweler about having it resized for a more comfortable fit. 

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Sapphires



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