How to Find Your International Ring Sizes

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international ring sizes

An international ring sizing chart can help you find the right size for a perfect fit. 

There’s a lot to consider when you’re investing in a new ring. As if selecting jewelers and exploring gem styles weren’t enough, you also need to make sure your ring fits your finger comfortably and securely—meaning that you need to be aware of your ring size, which will vary internationally (just like your clothing size!).

Ring scaling systems vary because different countries base ring size on different measurements. For example, the US & Canada use a numerical scale that includes quarter and half sizes.  With every .032 inch increase in diameter, the ring size increases by 1. In Italy, Spain, The Netherlands & Switzerland, however, ring sizes are specified as the circumference less 40mm. 

Those are just two systems of measurements. The UK, Ireland, Australia, & New Zealand share a separate system as do China, Japan, & South America and France & Russia while Germany  represents a sixth system.

ring mandrel

Jewelers use a mandrel tool to size rings. 

It seems complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re not a fan of geometry or have little patience to convert standard to metric, don’t fret.  The Official International Ring Size Conversion chart makes finding your ring size—in any country—much simpler. If you already know your US ring size, you can easily find it’s corresponding international sizes.

international ring sizing chart

If you don’t know your US ring size yet, stop in at a local jeweler to get measured or figure out your size. To ensure you get the most accurate reading on your ring size, check your size at least a few times. Keep in mind that warmer weather will cause your fingers to swell while cooler temperatures will do the opposite. Your ring should be able to just slide over your knuckle and fit snuggly around the base of your finger. At no point should it feel uncomfortably tight or loose enough to fall off.

If all of your effort in selecting the correct ring size fails, there's a good chance you don’t have to be stuck with a ring that doesn’t fit. Many styles can be easily resized by your local jeweler. Rings that have stones set all around the band can be trickier to resize, however. Please be extra careful when shopping for these styles. 


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