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We've handpicked some of the most inspiring, informative, and aesthetically pleasing eco-friendly blogs. While each has it's own distinct style, there's a common thread among them all: There are simply too many neat ways to be eco-friendly not to adopt and embrace the sustainability movement. Now, please indulge in some guilt-free blog hopping! 

The Note Passer

the note passer, Elizabeth stilwell

Elizabeth Stilwell, founder of The Note Passer

Freelance writer and self-titled “sustainability nerd,” Elizabeth Stilwell of The Note Passer provides inspiring resources for all things eco. Accompanied by Stilwell’s beautiful photography, The Note Passer offers advice on sustainable fashion, clean beauty, ethical gifting, and more. Need to find eco online stores or brands to trust? The Note Passer has you covered with Stilwell's guide to shopping ethically, which may be particularly helpful for those new to the eco-conscious lifestyle—and those of us prone to impulse buys.

the note passer, eco beauty

The Note Passer shares some of her favorite green beauty brands in her post about beauty wellness wisdom.

The Note Passer in three words: warm, joyful, artistic.


Alden Wicker, editor-in-cheif at Ecocult 

Ecocult is the place to be for the hip New Yorker looking to further entrench herself in the city's sustainable scene. Wicker curates savvy posts on music, NYC events, food, clothing, and eco news.  What's more, she shares her thoughts on the blogging industry itself, reflecting on the nuances of affiliate links, free reviews, and the like, making Ecocult an excellent resource for the new and seasoned blogger alike. 

nyc, ecocult 

Ecocult's picks for Sustainable and Eco-friendly Things to Do on Your NYC Visit

Ecocult in three words; edgy, modern, vibrant.

 Let's Be Fair

let's be fair, eco blog

Let's Be Fair is a lifestyle and beauty blog based in Southern California. With a focus on Fair Trade, Let's Be Fair shares tips on making a greener home (including eco-conscious picks for kids' fashion and crafts!), DIY projects, and shopping for ethical brands. The eco-chic mom may be particularly interested in Let's Be Fair's "Munchins" section with it cool ideas for handmade Halloween costumes.

handmade halloween, let's be fair  

Getting seasonal: How cute are these handmade Halloween costumes

Let's be Fair in three words: passionate, homespun, thoughtful.  


Eco Fashion Talk 

sass brown, eco fashion talk

Sass Brown, founder of Eco Fashion Talk

Brown is the Assistant Dean for the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her blog, Eco Fashion Talk, explores the various manifestations of eco fashion from heritage crafts to slow design to recycle-reuse methods. On this site, fashion-as-art rules, as evidenced by the many exquisite photos of unusual and striking clothes. Eco Fashion Talk also features informative posts on clothing materials, including those which should be avoided in any clothing, like PVC.  

 eco fashion talk

Featured on Eco Fashion Talk: Donna Karan's Urban Zen. 

Eco Fashion Talk in three words: earthy, avant guard, high fashion.  

Spades + Silk

spades + silk

Juliette Donatelli, creator of Spades + Silk

Style and cultural conscious come together at Spades + Silk, a blog dedicated to educating readers how to vote with their dollars while purchasing a pair of shoes or a skin serum. Spades + Silk dives into the nitty gritty of sustainable fashion by asking (and answering) questions like Does Organic Dry Cleaning Really Work? and How Real is the Made in the USA Trend? 

eco fashion, spades + silk

 This Is Not Painted on the Sole of an Expensive Shoe is a moving essay that asks us to consider what's really underneath the fashionable clothes we love to wear and buy, buy, buy.

Spades + Silk in three words: smart, authentic, polished.


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Photos: The Note Passer, Ecocult, Let's Be Fair, Eco Fashion Talk, Spades + Silk

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