DIY Fall-Inspired Thanksgiving Decor

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Embrace the late autumn season with these hearth-and heart-warming, fall-inspired DIY Thanksgiving decorations. Whether you tackle these crafts alone (as a splendid way to relax and unwind) or with family and friends (warm cider for all!), your DIY handiwork will add a little something extra to your holiday get-togethers. Now, without further ado, ready your glue gun and let’s get crafting!

Adorn Your Door

Make your front porch an extension of the joy and warmth waiting for guests on the other side of the door. Homemade wreaths and door hangings are a lovely place to start.

DIY Fall-Inspired Thanksgiving Decor | BMJ Blog

Welcome sign: Decorate a small chalkboard with natural or faux fall foliage. When using natural foliage, look for sturdy limbs, thick leaves, and fresh berries. When using faux foliage, purchase branches created with wire, so you can shape the foliage accordingly. 

DIY Thanksgiving decor

Pinecone garland: Using a glue gun, glue the bottoms of pine cones to high-quality ribbon (this wine color is a pretty choice), and tie the ends of the ribbons together. Seal the ends of ribbons with clear nail polish to prevent fraying.  

Scent Your Home

Even if you’re not hosting guests, scenting your home with natural, fall fragrances is a seasonal must.

 Fall scents for home

Autumn scent simmer: In a large pot set on low heat, warm apples, cinnamon sticks, clove buds, and orange peels. Add a little water every now and then to keep mix from drying out. Take a moment to inhale the beautiful fall scent medley.

Fall scents for home

Fireplace scent sachet: As if a wood-burning fire place couldn't get any better! Fill an unbleached cone-shaped coffee filter with rosemary sprigs, orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and clove buds; loosely sew the top closed with cotton thread. Toss into the fireplace and enjoy!

Set the Mood with Candles

It’s hard to go wrong with dressed-up candles—just be sure that you’re using unscented candles if you’re planning to serve food—you want the enticing scent of your rosemary potato tart to steel the show!

Thanksgiving DIY Candles

Cinnamon stick candles: Grab a few 3-4" unscented pillar candles, several cinnamon sticks, and some rustic-style twine. Carefully secure cinnamon sticks around each candle (a spot of glue on each stick may come in handy). Wrap twine around the center five time then tie off with a blow.

Thanksgiving DIY Candles

Cranberry candles: Fill a clear, glass candle holder half-way with fresh cranberries. Nest a pillar candle on top--and voila!  

Get Crafty with Pumpkins

Halloween may be over, but there’s still time to take advantage of the bountiful pumpkin season. Turn pumpkins—large or small—into elegant decorating statements.

 Thanksgiving Pumpkins

"Give Thanks" pumpkin: White pumpkins make a classy statement. Wipe the surface of your pumpkin clean with a damp cloth. Dry with a fresh paper towel. Using a thin paintbrush dipped in gold acrylic paint, write a Thanksgiving message on your pumpkin.

Gold Mini Pumpkin

Gold mini pumpkin: Hunt down a few cute mini pumpkins and spray-paint them gold. Arrange them on your table as part of your centerpiece. 

Say Thanks

Keep the message of the season close to heart with a beautiful Thanksgiving banner. Hangings featuring rustic fonts and autumn colors will complement your seasonal décor palette.

 DIY Thanksgiving Banner

"Give Thanks" banner: Create a banner using your own font choice (or take advantage of these free printables). Using small clothespins, pin each letter to a pretty ribbon and hang on your wall.


Photos: Homedit (home fragrance ideas), Country Living (garland ideas ), Unique Mirrors Online (Candle ideas),  The Glitter Guide (pumpkin ideas), The Berry ("Give Thanks" banner idea). 

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