DIY Wooden Jewelry Box

Posted on May 28, 2015 by Mary Hood | 1 Comment

It’s true—some DIY projects look phenomenal, but many of them can instill fear in even the craftiest among us. So many steps! We promise that you don’t need a master's of fine arts to nail this one-minute project. (Yes, you can accomplish this in about a minute!)

DIY jewelry box

You’ll need two things:

1. A simple, hinged wooden box like one of these:

DIY Wooden Jewelry Box | Barbara Michelle Jacobs

DIY Wooden Jewelry Box | Barbara Michelle Jacobs


2. Next, you’ll need self-adhesive general purpose wall hooks. You can use the damage free or the regular peel and stick variety. That’s it! You can leave your glue gun in storage.

DIY Wooden Jewelry Box | BMJ Blog

Place the hooks on the interior side of the box’s lid. Now you can hang your necklaces here to prevent them from getting tangled. That’s all you have to do!

Now, if you have a few minutes to spare and you want to get really fancy, you can cut a few strips of cardboard to serve as dividers for rings or bangles. Be sure to cut the strips to fit the length (or width) of the inside of the box. Put notches in corresponding places on the cardboard strips, so you can link the strips at perpendicular angles.

Of course, there is the option of painting or decorating the outside of your box, but we’ll leave that up to you! Simple and unadorned wood just may fit in beautifully with the other accouterment on your dresser.

Do you have a favorite jewelry-related DIY project? 


Photos: Ebay (Allthing168), Walmart

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Aarsun Woods
Aarsun Woods

July 03, 2017

What a fantastic item!!! Wooden jewellery box have classy look and strong appeal. Thanks for sharing….

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