Eco-Friendly Jewlery: DIY Spoon Rings

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A spoon ring is a special piece of jewelry for several reasons. It’s rare that two handmade spoon rings will ever look alike. | BMJ Jewelry Blog

Silver Spoon Ring

A spoon ring is a special piece of jewelry for several reasons. It’s rare that two handmade spoon rings will ever look alike since even spoon rings from the same silverware set will have slightly different curves. Spoon rings can be made with vintage spoons with intricate designs on their handles. Alternatively, a spoon with a spare design can be dressed up with an engraved initial. Because spoon rings are adjustable (with the aid of a madrel and plastic hammer), they make excellent gifts that you can prepare ahead of time and then adjust for the lucky individual receiving you gift.

Finally, spoon rings are special because they provide an opportunity to make something beautiful out of something we no longer use and that we would otherwise get rid off—in other words, they’re eco-friendly! If you don’t have an old spoon lying around, head to your local second-hand store to hunt down some pretty silverware. Wherever you find your spoons, make sure that you find silver or silver-plated spoons. Spoons made of nickel are problematic for those with a nickel allergy. If you’ve chosen to use a silver-plated spoon, give it a quick spray of clear spray paint when you’re done shaping it. This will help prevent any nickel alloy from contacting your skin.

Here’s a little secret: You don’t have to make a “spoon ring” with an actual spoon. If you’ve found a fork with a handle-width that matches the vision you have for your ring, then you can use that fork!

You will need:

A silver spoon


Metal file

Rubber/ plastic mallet or hammer

Silver polish (if your spoon is looking a little tarnished)

Wooden block

Clear spray paint (if using silver-plated spoon)


  1. Determine the size of ring you will be making. If you don’t know your ring size, take a ring that fits you’re the finger you want your spoon ring to fit and test its size on the mandrel. (We’ll need this information in a bit.)
  2. Place the handle of the spoon on the mandrel and use your strength to wrap the handle around the mandrel to create the basic ring shape.
  3. Once you’ve created this basic ring shape, you can use the pliers to remove the excess metal (i.e. the spoon part) from the ring.
  4. Use the metal file to remove the sharp edges leftover from cutting the ring.
  5. Place the ring back on the mandrel (to match your ring size), and use the plastic hammer to refine the shape of the ring. Since the shaft of the spoon isn’t equally hard (i.e. malleable) throughout, some sections of the handle may need more work than others.
  6. If you’d like to align the edge of your spoon ring, use hand force—or the plastic hammer and the wooden block—to do so.
  7. Once you’ve reached the desired shape for your spoon ring, give it a quick polish, and you’re good to go!

 Eco-Friendly Jewelry: DIY Spoon Rings | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry

Spoon Ring Made with Vintage (1953) Silver-Plated Spoon


Photos: SilverSpoonJ via Etsy, Dzines Laura via Etsy,

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