How to Find the Best Metal for Your Skin Tone

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How to Find the Best Metal for Your Skin Tone | BMJ Blog

When it comes time to invest in an important piece of jewelry, you may want to consider which metal is the most flattering for your skin tone. Although types and colors of metal go in and out of fashion (rose gold is currently having a moment), for a lasting piece, you’ll appreciate having something that brings out the best in your skin—whatever the current trends are.

To find out which color of metal suits your skin, determine if you have a cool, warm, or neutral skin tone. Skin tone doesn't necessarily have to do with skin color. You can have dark skin with a cool tone or pale skin with a warm tone.

One of the easier tests involves looking at your veins of your inner wrist in natural light. If they’re mostly bluish, then you likely have cool-toned skin; if they are greenish, you skin is probably warm-toned; if they’re somewhere in-between the two, then you may have neutral-toned skin.

 How to Find the Best Metal for Your Skin Tone | BMJ Blog

Cool skin is complemented by silver, white gold, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel.

Fringe Tree Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver

How to Find the Best Metal for Your Skin Tone | BMJ Blog


Warm skin is complemented by yellow gold, copper, brass, and rose gold.

Gold Garland Band

How to Find the Best Metal for Your Skin Tone | BMJ Blog

If your skin tone is neutral, then will most likely be flattered by various shades of metal.

 Perfectly Imperfect Bands for Stacking

You can also try placing a piece of yellow gold jewelry in one palm and a piece of silver or white gold jewelry in the other. When you look at your palms in natural light, does the skin on one palm look less mottled than the other? The color of the jewelry in the “less mottled” palm will most likely be the most flattering for your skin tone. If you can’t tell a difference between the skin on your palms (while they're holding different colors of metal), then either color of metal is equally flattering, and you may have a neutral skin tone.
Still looking for the best metal? Stand by a mirror in natural light and place a gold necklace near your makeup-free face. Next, try silver. Does one metal brighten your face? Does one bring out unflattering shadows user your eyes? Obviously, the metal that brightens your face is the most flattering.

A note on neutral skin tone: It’s hard to have completely neutral skin. After performing the tests above, I never quite landed on a “best” metal for my skin tone. That is, neither seemed unflattering. For the most part, this is a good thing! If this is the case for you, then you can really vary what color of jewelry you wear. When it comes to investment pieces, however, it may help to get a second opinion. When my husband and I were picking out an engagement ring, we spoke to a jeweler who recommended I wear rose gold.

How to Find the Best Metal for Your Skin Tone | BMJ Blog

Morganite Gemstone and Pearl Ring

Although my skin tone is mostly neutral, it has a slight olive cast. (You may have olive skin if most foundation looks too pink or orange on your skin and your skin has a yellowish undertone.) While those with olive skin can pull off some gold, too much gold can make olive skin look a bit sallow—i.e., it can make the yellow undertone in olive skin look dull and unhealthy.) Therefore, gold with a hint of pink may be the most flattering for you. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to pick a color of metal that you love! After all, you're the one who will be wearing it :)

Have you found the best metal for your skin tone?


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