Trend Watch: Geometric Jewelry and Interior Design

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Geometry-inspired patterns and shapes have been a runaway trend over the past few years. Appearing in jewelry, clothing, and interior design, geometric style has a little something to offer everyone. If you're not sure how to incorporate geometric pieces into your personal style, start small and simple--a cute pair of earrings or a pretty throw pillow are excellent places to start.  

Geometric Jewelry:

Jewelry is one of the best places to turn when you're experimenting with a new (or recurring) trend. A funky bracelet can change the feel of your entire outfit--and quite possibly your mood! So be bold--try something a little avant guard. You may be surprised.  

 Trend Watch: Geometric Jewelry and Interior Design | BMJ Blog

Mica Peet
These handmade Statement Triangle & Circle Geometric Earrings would pair beautifully with a simple blouse. Tuck hair behind ears or pull it back completely to show off the eclectic pattern on these fun triangles.
Trend Watch: Geometric Jewelry and Interior Design | BMJ Blog
At once edgy and delicate, this silver hand chain is a unique way to sport the geometric trend. Très modern! 
Trend Watch: Geometric Jewelry and Interior Design | BMJ Blog
These triangle necklaces are created with brass and hand-painted wood. One of these pieces would add an ultra-contemporary flare to a camisole and blazer pairing--or even that little black dress! 
Trend Watch: Geometric Jewelry and Interior Design | BMJ Blog
Dalia Shamir Jewelry
For geometric style newbies, these sweet, solid gold triangle earrings may be just the thing. Perfect for cultivating the minimalist look, these earrings are suitable for everyday wear. The 14k gold's matte finish enhances the earrings' modern vibe. 
Geometric Interior Design:
Geometric design pieces are surprisingly versatile. While they may add to a midcentury modern, modern industrial, or ultra-modern design scheme, they can also complement a home with antique and classic pieces as well.
There are several ways to incorporate geometric style into your interior design theme. You can start small with fabric patterns and small accents--or go big with furnishings, rugs, and wallpaper. Some of the easiest geometric patterns to incorporate include: hexagons, diamonds, stripes, and Greek key patterns.  Here are a few eye-catching pieces for the home: 
Trend Watch: Geometric Jewelry and Interior Design | BMJ Blog
This asymmetrical hanging lamp is a functional work of art. The exposed bulb offers a modern and self-aware interpretation of a lamp--like a little inside joke that your traditional furniture can't possibly understand. Created with hand-welded iron rods and vintage-inspired chain. 
Trend Watch: Geometric Jewelry and Interior Design | BMJ Blog
West Elm
In calming shades of deep blue and pale grey, West Elms' velvet geometric throw pillow would make a lovely statement on a white sofa or bedspread.  
Trend Watch: Geometric Jewelry and Interior Design | BMJ Blog
Coleman Furniture

 Show off and house your pretty collectables with this simple yet intriguing wood and glass bookshelf.  Roomy enough for tall books and figurines, this shelf may be customized to suit your style. Pack with books for a cozy, studious look--or leave selectively bare for a restrained, minimalist look. 


Photos: Mica Peet via Etsy, PetiteCo via Etsy, LiKeGjewelry via Etsy, Dalia Shamir Jewelry via Etsy, Anthropologie, West Elm, Coleman Furniture

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