10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | BMJ Blog

Need a little V-Day inspiration? We’ve got plenty of romantic ideas to share. From tips to dining in style to modern takes on classic gifts, there’s a little something for every couple. Not part of a couple? Not to worry. These gifts can be adapted to suit your best friends—or just you! There’s nothing wrong with picking out some beautiful flowers for yourself.

Show you care with fine jewelry. Jewelry made from solid materials, like reclaimed sterling silver, can last a lifetime with proper care. Give the object of your everlasting love a timeless gift.

 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | BMJ Blog

This nature-inspired piece was created with a cast of a budding branch. Whether your relationship is new or you’re been together for a while, allow this necklace to symbolize all of the beautiful moments awaiting you both.

Blossoming Branch Necklace

 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | BMJ Blog

For the handsome man in your life, these handmade branch cuff links can lend charm to both casual and formal attire.

Branch Cuff Links

Dine out. Sometimes dressing up and going to a new restaurant—or an old favorite—is just the thing to get a couple focused on each other and not the usual distractions like work, household chores, and, oh yes, work. Promise each other to stash your phones away for the rest of the night. No cheating! (And don’t forget the reservation!)

Dine in. For a very intimate V-Day experience, dine in. Offer to make your darling a home-cooked meal—or suggest that you make one together. Choose a unique (and delicious) recipe, and have all of the ingredients stocked ahead of time. Try a simple but comforting dish like this Korma Sauce with Black Chickpeas, Purple Potatoes and Butternut Squash. While you’re at it, create a romantic atmosphere: light candles, plug in a relaxing Pandora station, pour some wine, set the table, and adhere to the No Phones Rule (see above).

 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | BMJ Blog

A lovely homemade dinner for two. 

When dining in, make the evening special with a pretty tablescape. 

Send a bouquet to remember. Spend a little time researching seasonal blooms and opt for a florist who uses sustainable flowers. Go for a unique arrangement. The classic dozen red roses may be a safe choice, but sending a more eclectic arrangement will ensure that your bouquet is one to remember—don’t be surprised if it shows up on your sweetheart’s Instagram!

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | BMJ Blog

Surprise your sweetie with homemade delectables. Homemade treats are always thoughtful, especially if they combine your darling’s guilty pleasures—like chocolate, nougat, and caramel (there’s a recipe for that!). Not one for the kitchen? Pop over to your favorite bakery and pick up some freshly made cookies. I doubt you’ll hear any complaining.

 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | BMJ Blog

Change up your chocolate game. There’s a good chance that at least once person in any relationship will be a chocoholic. For some coco connoisseurs, not any box of truffles will do. There are so many chocolate options out there—why not pick something as unique as your beloved? Like fair trade chocolate covered coconut curry cashews—or a few bars of raw Buckwheat Crunch Chocolate.

 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | BMJ Blog

Raw Buckwheat Crunch Chocolate Bar

Gift a sensual, toxin-free perfume. There’s something magical about the way a fragrance can capture a feeling and bring it back to mind each time you smell that singular blend. Unfortunately, many conventional perfumes and colognes are laced with mystery chemicals that don’t do the body any favors. Branch out from the department store and try a natural, parabens- and phthalate-free essential oil blend from a neat, indie company like LURK.

 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | BMJ Blog

Massage. A massage is the perfect addition to any gift or romantic night. It’s personal, intimate, and relaxing—for both giver and receiver. Review these basic massage techniques, and don’t forget to set the right mood. Dim the lights, light a few votive candles, and have a soothing massage oil ready. The folks at Mountain Rose Herbs offer some simple DIY massage oil recipes here.

 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | BMJ Blog

Give the gift of piece and quiet. If your loved one has been having a stressful time at work—or if they’ve been on non-stop mom (or dad) duty, offer to help them have a day off. Book a yoga retreat or arrange for the house to be all theirs for a whole day. A mental holiday is a truly thoughtful gift.

Capture the moment. For the artiste or techie in your life, gift a fun, retro camera. Use to document your day (and life) together. It will take your couple selfies to a whole new level!

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | BMJ Blog

Diana F+ Camera in Honeycomb


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