9 Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Posted on July 16, 2015 by Mary Hood | 1 Comment

Nine Tips for Traveling with Jewelry | BMJ Blog

Who doesn’t want to show off their favorite necklace or ring while traveling? The following tips will show you how to keep your jewelry safe and organized whether you’re jet setting to Paris or road tripping to Grandma’s.

  1. Never Pack Jewelry in Checked Baggage. When you’re traveling via airplane, always keep your jewelry in your possession. Unfortunately, checked baggage can go missing or end up in the wrong hands. You’ll want to safely and efficiently pack your jewelry in your carry-on luggage. See tips 2-7 for some handy tips.
  1. Get Creative Drinking Straws. A tangled necklace is a bummer. To keep chains from knotting, thread half of the necklace through a plastic drinking straw (the bendy kind may work best) and latch closed. Store necklaces in a soft pouch. 
  1. Pack Jewelry in a Handy Jewelry Travel Box. 
Nine Tips for Traveling with Jewelry | BMJ Blog
Lori Leigh Design Women's Mini Chalet Travel Jewelry Box

A jewelry travel box is best for items that could be easily bent out of shape—like a delicate broach--or that don't fit in more compact pouches--think chunky bracelets and costume jewelry.

  1. Alternatively, Keep your Bling Organized with a Roll Pouch.

Nine Tips for Traveling with Jewelry | BMJ Blog

Prefered Nation Bellino Jewelry Roll Pouch

A roll pouch is an easy way to keep jewelry organized and compact. Most roll pouches have special compartments for rings, necklaces, and somewhat chunkier items like a watch. 

  1. Project Pieces with Separate Velvet Bags.

Nine Tips for Traveling with Jewelry | BMJ Blog

Velvet Drawstring Pouch

Small velvet pouches can protect your jewelry from getting tangled, starched, and dirty. These pouches are excellent when you’re trying to back lightly and efficiently since, like jewelry roll pouches, they’re compressible—but for this reason, they’re not ideal for jewelry that could be easily bent or misshapen.

  1. Put Those Spare Buttons to Use.

Nine Tips for Traveling with Jewelry | BMJ Blog

Large, spare buttons may be used to keep a pair of earrings together. Simply pin each earring post through a hole in the button, and secure the earring with an earring back or small piece of pencil eraser. Keep buttons in a soft bag or jewelry case. You don’t want them floating around in your suitcase! 

  1. Try a Pill Box.

Nine Tips for Traveling with Jewelry | BMJ Blog

Like a jewelry box, a Monday – Sunday pill box will keep your delicate items separate and safe. To further protect your pieces in the pill box, wrap each individual item in tissue paper, soft cloth, or Kleenex. 

  1. Project Your Jewelry Once You Arrive. If you’re staying in a hotel, take advantage of the room’s safe. If there is no room safe, ask the hotel manager about storing your jewelry in the hotel safe. Alternatively, you can attach a combination lock to your luggage. Whatever you do, don’t leave your jewelry laying around in plain sight.
  1. Consider Purchasing Jewelry Insurance. If you’re traveling with jewelry of high material and/or sentimental value, such as an engagement ring, you may want to invest in jewelry insurance. There are a variety of jewelry insurance plans available; some may cover half the replacement cost while others will provide the full amount. The Knot offers helpful tips on insuring an engagement ring; these tips can also be applied to any piece of special value.


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Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson

March 15, 2016

Number three looks absolutely adorable! It’s nice, small, and can easily fit in a purse or something. Definitely need to look into getting me one of those when I am about to travel.

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