Trend Watch: Lady Gaga's Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring

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Lady Gaga's heart-shaped diamond engagement ring has dazzled fans and jewelry-lovers alike. Will her glittering rock spark the newest jewelry trend? | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry

If you think back to your favorite trends, there’s a good chance they were inspired, or at least popularized, by a celebrity. Years after watching Legally Blonde in the seventh grade, I was still yearning for Elle Wood’s silver Tiffany tag bracelet. (I may have also wanted a chihuahua.) More recently, female celebrities have been spotted wearing bedazzled bib necklaces and statement stud earrings, both of which seem to be catching fire with fashionistas.

Elle Wood's silver Tiffany bracelet was a favorite celebrity jewelry trend for many. | BMJ Blog

Elle Wood's silver Tiffany tag bracelet from Legally Blonde was a favorite celebrity jewelry trend for many.

This past Valentine’s Day, we may have witnessed the birth of another celebrity jewelry trend. On February 14th, Lady Gage became engaged to long-time beau Taylor Kinney. Gaga dazzled her Instagram followers with a few close-ups of her ring, which features a large, heart-shaped diamond atop a diamond eternity band that also boasts the couples initials, "T (heart) S," also in diamonds. The ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz, creator of other mega-watt celebrity rings like those sported by Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively.

Trend Watch: Lady Gaga's Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring | BMJ Blog

"T & S" for Taylor and Stefani (Lady Gaga's birth name).

Given the way celebrities can woo the public with their fabulous clothing and glittering hardware, it wouldn’t be a surprise if heart-shaped diamond rings began making more appearances. Likewise, heart-shaped gems of any color and in any setting may become more popular. Keep an eye out!

When cut correctly, the heart-shaped diamond is almost as brilliant as a round-cut diamond (the most brilliant shape for a diamond). Michael Botkin of Diamond Articles offers a helpful guide listing the ideal proportions for every shape of diamond, including the heart. Before making a serious investment in Gaga-inspired bling, be sure to discuss these proportions with your jeweler.

Lady Gaga-inspired heart-shaped engagement ring. | BMJ Blog

A subtler take on the heart-shaped engagement ring, featured in Brides

If you like the heart-shaped diamond but aren’t in love enough to wear it as a ring, check out heart-shaped diamond earrings and necklace pendants.

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