Trend Watch: Animal-Inspired Jewelry

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The Spring 2015 fashion forecast shows a high chance of clever whimsy in just about all the ways you can imagine. We’re particularly tickled by the playful, animal-inspired pieces appearing in both haute couture and street style. Just look at these darling Bamboo Panda Flats!

Animal-Inspired Jewelry | BMJ Blog

Especially fun are the animal-inspired jewelry pieces we’ve curated below. There’s a little something for any style, any budget.

 Animal-Inspired Jewelry | BMJ Blog

New York City-based designer Ryan Kearney created this Gerard Tully "Predator and Prey" series. The collection begs the question, "Which one are you--predator or prey?" (My immediate favorite was the hare. I guess I have my answer!)
Gold Animal Pendants by Gerard Tully, price upon request.

Animal-Inspired Jewelry | BMJ Blog  

While we're on the subject of rabbits, isn't this sterling silver rabbit necklace beautiful? The pendant was created using the "lost-wax casting technique," an ancient method of precision molding.  

Sterling Silver Bunny Necklace by Nafsika, $60

 Animal-Inspired Jewelry | BMJ Blog

Thanks to Youtube, cats are having a big moment. ("But when are we not having a moment?" scoffs any cat.) Celebrate our feline friends with these cute ceramic tabby cat earrings. 

Grey Tabby Cat Ceramic Earrings by ChikoCraft, $29

 Animal-Inspired Jewelry | BMJ Blog

Thai artist Ying created these delightful sterling silver origami fox post earrings with contrasting polished and brushed finishes, giving these little critters an ultra-modern look. 

Sterling Silver Origami Fox Earrings by Ying, $20

 Animal-Inspired Jewelry | BMJ Blog

Animal-Inspired Jewelry | BMJ Blog

These brass elephant and deer antler rings are just a few of the fun, animal-inspired offerings at Silverholic on Etsy. At such affordable prices, Silverholic's collection may inspire you to take home a Noah's arc of jewelry! (Think raccoons, snakes, giraffes, and butterflies!)

Gold- or Rhodium-Plated Brass Elephant Rings and Gold-Plated Deer Antler Ring by Silverholic, $9.20 and $8.20

Animal-Inspired Jewelry | BMJ Blog  

Animal motifs certainly aren't new, especially when it comes to brooches. Brooches are a great way to play with a trend without committing to more substantial investments. Pieces like this 1960's vintage turtle brooch can serve as your link between the fashion of a bygone era and the trends of today. 

1960’s Vintage Turtle Brooch available at BroochesTheSubject, $15.50


Photos: Urbanog, Gerard Tully, Nafsika via Etsy, ChikoCraft via Etsy, Novica, Silverholic via Etsy, BroochesTheSubject via Etsy

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