Should a Couple's Wedding Bands Match?

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Should s Couple's Wedding Bands Match? 

We’re witnessing a very positive trend in all-things-wedding. Not only is the definition of marriage itself becoming more inclusive, the way we express our sentiments is increasingly up to us. As we plan our weddings and design our futures together, we have a say in just about everything—from hosting a multi-religious ceremony to encouraging our bridesmaids to pick their own dresses.  

The same is true for a our wedding bands. Traditionally, a couple’s wedding bands will match. If they don’t match exactly, then they will strongly echo each other in some way—perhaps the bride’s band is a thinner version of the groom’s ring or is decorated with diamonds where the groom’s ring is unadorned. These are both lovely options for couples who desire matching rings.

But it’s also good to know that we have more options. In fact, wedding bands don’t have to match at all—they can look totally different from one another! While you both may love many of the same things, chances are that you each have individual styles—which is something to celebrate!

Should a couple's wedding bands match? Not necessarily. Why not celebrate your individual styles with unique rings? | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry    

Barbara Michelle Jacobs customers Rachel and TJ sport their individual styles with a Barbara Michelle Jacobs Twig Bezel Diamond Ring and an Obverse Rings wedding band (made from a coin!).

Speaking from personal experience, it’s been a relief to know that my fiancé and I can choose whatever we please for the rings we’re going to wear for the rest of forever (might as well really like them, huh?). Like many couples, our styles may complement each other, but they’re not exactly the same. My fiancé identifies with Celtic heritage and is planning to work with a jeweler to create a sturdy band laced with Celtic knots. On the other hand, I’ve chosen something feminine, delicate, and nature-inspired (my heart was stolen by the rose gold Sprig Band).

Some couples choose to meet somewhere in the middle. While their rings may not match, they may share elements in common. For example, bands may have different designs but may be created with the same metal. Alternatively, bands may have similar engravings but may be cast in different metals. This is a nice gesture of unity.

Should A Couple's Wedding Bands Match? | BMJ Jewelry

Barbara Michelle Jacobs customers Taylor and David chose rings that echo each other but still represent each person’s unique style.

Eleven Wishes Diamond Band in Silver

 Should A Couple's Wedding Bands Match? | BMJ Jewelry

On the topic of interesting ring combinations, brides shouldn’t feel pressured to perfectly match their engagement ring to their wedding band. Sometimes the opposites-attract approach can make a beautiful statement.

Modern Meets Organic Wedding Set


Photos: Lijesh K via Flickr, Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry, Little Blue Lemon Photography

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