Trend Watch: What Is a Raw Diamond?

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Barbara Michelle Jacobs raw diamond and pearl ring

Barbara Michelle Jacobs raw diamond and pearl ring

Raw gemstones present an edgy alternative to traditionally shaped and polished stones. Raw diamonds, in particular, are increasingly featured in unconventional engagement rings. They make equally striking statements in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, and their appeal is certainly understandable. No two raw diamonds are alike. Their charming imperfections may even redefine our standards of beautiful jewelry—plus, their rough quality nicely complements the movement towards more organic and less cookie-cutter personal style.


Gray Rose Cut Raw Diamonds

What Is a Raw Diamond?

Raw diamond jeweler Todd Reed describes raw diamonds as a “byproduct of the diamond industry." Traditionally, raw diamonds (diamonds that aren’t cut into conventional shapes or polished) were deemed flawed because they aren’t completely translucent. Most are included, brown or grey, and may contain some pits, making them less valuable than their clear, well-formed counterparts.

 Trend Watch: What Is a Raw Diamond? | BMJ Blog

Susan Foster Diamond Slice and White Gold Necklace

What Do I Need to Know Before Purchasing a Raw Diamond?

Now that raw diamonds are becoming more popular, the diamond industry is directing effort toward mining for these brown and grey stones. As the demand for raw diamonds increases, so do their prices. In addition to market demands, the price of a raw diamond will depend on its rarity. Grey diamonds, for example, are rarer then brown diamonds.

Regular gem certificates do not apply to raw diamonds, i.e. the stones are not graded. Due to the nature of raw diamonds, they don’t refract light or display the “fire” of clear, cut, and polished diamonds. There is no reason, therefore, to extract weight or volume from the stone. At the same time, raw stones are much less expense per carat than white diamonds. It may be easier to find (and afford) a raw diamond of larger carat.

When shopping for a raw diamond, seek one without large pits on the surface or noticeable cracks within the stone since these increase the potential for chips and breakage. Naturally, there may be some pits on the surface of the stone—this is part of the charm!—but just be sure that they’re minimal.

Depending on how you’d like to feature a raw diamond, it may be difficult to find a raw stone to suit a pre-made setting.  Better still -  find a raw stone and commission a setting designed around it. 

As always, seek diamonds from reputable dealers whose practices comply with the United Nations Kimberley Process guidelines.  

Trend Watch: What Is a Raw Diamond? | BMJ Blog

Raw Diamond Gold Bracelet

Do you wear any raw diamond jewelry?

Barbara Michelle Jacobs rose cut raw diamond and brilliant white diamond ring



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