Proposal Ideas: The Semi-Planned Proposal

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The Semi-Planned Proposal--A surprisingly romantic way to pop the big question. | Barbara Michelle Jacobs Blog
Proposal Ideas: The Semi-Planned Proposal
Summer wedding season may be a lovely memory, but it’s never a bad time to propose to your beloved and start planning the big day. As I was sitting down to write about proposal ideas, several fun ideas came to mind: propose by spelling the question out in flowers, propose at a swanky rooftop bar (and maybe put the ring in a glass of champagne)… and while proposal ideas like these are certainly memorable, it’s easy to discount the semi-planned proposal.


What is the semi-planned proposal exactly? Well, in a lot of ways, that’s up to you, but here’s the basic idea behind it:

The pressure to propose in a majestic-romantic-earthshattering way can be palpable, and orchestrating a proposal event—whether it involves a sky writer or the jumbo tron at a baseball game—takes a lot of work and, just as importantly, perfect timing. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with putting work into your proposal—this is an important moment, after all. But you want that work to pay off, and the other element of a proposal event—perfect timing—isn’t always so reliable. 

Take my two friends, for example. One planned to propose to the other during a road trip to the coast. While they were driving along the Pacific Highway, he’d stop the car along the road to “take photos” when really, he was determining whether or not the spot was perfect for a proposal. As it turned out, no spot was perfect. The view wasn’t right or the sun wasn’t in an ideal position. After a while, his girlfriend got hungry and begged him to chill out with the photo ops and find a good spot for dinner. Noticing that he was increasingly fidgety, she suspected something was up and had him figured out before he got a chance to ask. He eventually proposed later that night, and they lived happily ever after. It goes to show, however, that a little flexibility can’t hurt.

Sometimes the moment that you need to be the right moment doesn’t go according to plan. And that’s okay—you can work this—you just have to accept that this is a possibility. Perhaps your S.O. comes home with a splitting headache on the night you plan to propose—maybe not the best time. Maybe the park you want to take her to is under construction and filled with the sounds of large machinery—probably better reconsider your location.

Enter the semi-planned proposal.

How it works: After hunting down the perfect ring, do your best to keep it with you at all times for the next few days (or around the time that you’d like to propose). I know this sounds a bit risky, but you just have to be careful.

Next, let go of any notion of a pre-set perfect moment. Wait for a time during which you both feel genuinely connected to another and are feeling receptive to one another’s thoughts and gestures—maybe during dinner or a nice walk—or perhaps when you first wake up in the morning. Play it by ear.

Also, consider what your darling would want in terms of a public or private proposal—would he like to be surrounded by friends and family? On the steps of the Met as people bustle by? Or would she prefer something more intimate with just the two of you? 

From nice, home cooked dinners to walks on the beach, there are a few ways to encourage special moments suited for a proposal. Start by thinking of the activities you like to do together. Don’t worry if your picnic date goes awry, though. There’s not a deadline for proposing! Just have faith that a special moment will present itself, and remain flexible.

Good luck!

Share your proposal story in the comments below. 

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