Trend Watch: Layered Necklaces

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The layered necklace trend has evolved to suit a contemporary aesthetic—one that makes room for unexpected pairings and a variety of beautiful, unique textures. | Barbara Michelle Jacobs

Perfect for layering: Barbara Michelle Jacobs Perfectly Imperfect Gold Pendant Necklaces

Although people have been layering necklaces since there were necklaces to layer, the trend has evolved to suit a contemporary aesthetic—one that makes room for unexpected pairings (like mixed metals) and embraces a variety of beautiful, whimsical textures.

 Trend Watch: Layered Necklaces | BMJ Blog

Stacked gold and crystal necklaces

Layering necklaces is a fun way to dress up a simple outfit. Treat your layered necklaces as a single, statement piece, and let them shine against a little black cocktail dress or a tailored white blouse.

 Trend Watch: Layered Necklaces | BMJ Blog

(Some necklaces come pre-layered!)

Tesoro Layered Necklace

While the layered necklace trend is all about creativity and personalization, there are a few guidelines that can help you get started:

  • For the most impact, layer necklaces of difference lengths, leaving at least 1.5” between each necklace. For example, you could try this combination of necklace lengths: 14” + 16” + 24”.
  • Begin layering with the longest and thinnest necklaces first. Then add your chunkier and shorter necklaces, which will sit on top.
  • Alternatively, go for a graduated effect and begin with long, chunky necklaces, and add shorter, more delicate necklaces as you go.
  • For a “collar effect” layer several short necklaces on top of each other.
  • Go for an odd number. Two necklaces can have a pretty effect, but there’s something pleasing to the eye about three. Give it a try!

 Trend Watch: Layered Necklaces | BMJ Blog

Aqua Druzy Layered Necklace

  • Layer necklaces of different textures (like a strand of pearls and a gold chain) and different gauges. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals, either!
  • Choose unique details to showcase in your layering.
  • Or, go for a minimalist look, and layer simple chains—no pendants needed.
  • Alternatively, find a unifying theme among the necklaces (like black enamel beads or little gold charms).

 Trend Watch: Layered Necklaces | BMJ Blog

Layered Pearl Necklaces

 Some fun options to mix into your layering include lariat necklaces, tassel necklaces, and body chains:

 Trend Watch: Layered Necklaces | BMJ Blog


Kara Lariat Necklace

Trend Watch: Layered Necklaces | BMJ Blog


J. Crew Tassel Necklace

 Kara Lariat Necklace


Delicate Body Chain

What's your favorite way to layer necklaces?


Photos: Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry, Summer Bucket via Etsy, Anthropolgie , Kahili Creations via Etsy, Fab You Bliss ,Revolve Clothing , J. Crew

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